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EXCLUSIVE: Emily Henderson’s Backyard Makeover Is as Stylish as You’d Expect |

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Henderson’s Backyard Makeover Is as Stylish as You’d Expect

When celebrity blogger and Target home style expert, Emily Henderson, set out to make over her backyard, she had a very clear vision: “I wanted it to be English lady meets California modern mom,” she told And we’ve got to say, we totally see it — from the Windsor bench ($79, to the wicker pouf ($60,

To create the look, Henderson started by picking out simple and neutral furniture pieces, then she pulled in color and pattern through pillows and dinnerware. When it came to the bigger expenses, she focused on things she’d keep forever, like the scones ($549, and the tile (

Even though it took three months for the handmade tile to ship from Nicaragua, (after it got stuck in customs for an extra month), Henderson says it was worth the wait. “I splurged on the tile, because you can see it from the living, dining and kitchen, so I wanted something that was going to really take my breath away every time I glanced in that direction,” she says. Mission accomplished.

To make the most of her square footage, she created multiple seating areas, nestling a love seat ($250, and bench in empty corners to complement her six-person table ($273,, which she paired with side chairs ($39, and captain’s chairs ($129, When picking out these pieces, Henderson prioritized classic designs that wouldn’t go out of style and comfort. “Gone are the days of me buying uncomfortable dining chairs,” she says. “We’ve already spent hours and hours sitting here while the kids play in the yard.”

To keep clutter and other items kids may knock over off of the table, Henderson set up a separate bar cart ($110, where adults can grab a drink. Another pro tip for keeping spaces kid-friendly: stick with durable pieces. “We wanted to add some extra greenery to the patio, so we opted for more substantial planters that our kids wouldn’t be able to easily knock over,” she says.

The results: an outdoor oasis that both parents and kids can have fun in. But Henderson does have one regret: “Not having a 15-person table, because already our friends are clamoring to come over all weekend,” she says. “It’s like we run a frat house for parents, but so, so, so fun.” We’d gladly live in a frat house if the backyard looked like this.

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