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Female Artisans Are Reshaping The Way We Look At Tabletop |

Female Artisans Are Reshaping The Way We Look At Tabletop

Each December, Total Food Service celebrates the Top Women in Foodservice Hospitality who are moving our industry forward by setting a place at the table for other women in the hospitality community. Now, as we step into 2019, it seems the echo created by these industry influencers is finally resonating.

Sharing the spotlight with local leaders who are amongst some of my greatest allies and inspiration in the Top Women in Metro New York Foodservice Issue, I’d also like to personally showcase a few of my favorite female artisans in this year’s publication.

The following female artisans are coupling innovative design with an industry understanding of what plays on the international tabletop stage to reshape the way we look at dining room diversity and our approach to making everyone feel welcome.

Catherine Hurand designs imaginative glass vessels with uninhibited style. Whether for signature dishes or display purposes, her expressive collections often conjure an air of sensual femininity. Trained by the most prestigious Parisian schools of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, Catherine Hurand is a true sculptress. Five her of iconic collections are on display at the Steelite flagship showroom in New York City.

Known for their diverse creative partnerships, Serax is constantly searching for passionate design partners that create unforgettable shapes, materials, and style. Of their 85 designers, 38 are female. Three of these craftswomen are at the forefront of the developmental discovery process – producing traditional handicraft with inventive

Terres De Reves is both the name of Anita Le Grelle’s company and her collection for Serax (pictured at top). Over 150 items translate into an eclectic line of earthenware that is characterized by a juxtaposition of rich, subtle hues in comprehensive shapes. Le Grelle’s deep-rooted love of craft, creation and re-creation, use and reuse is the unstoppable motive of this inventive brand. And she’s not alone.

“Delicious cooking with beautiful ceramics is pure romance, pure interaction,” says Pascal Naessens, designer of Pure, another notable collection for Serax.

Naessens’ use of natural materials manipulated in organic lines describe this total tabletop offering of glassware, cutlery, dinnerware, wood surfaces, ovenware, cookware, and tea service. Inspired by the local ceramists of Tunisia the artisan met while filming a culinary documentary, Naessens saw the opportunity to bring the intention of this art into her brand – and she took it. The romance of Pure extends far beyond the table. Naessens is a diverse creator – designer, artist, chef, author and culinary inflencer.

To round out this triple threat of female artisans, let’s discuss Roos Van De Velde’s Perfect Imperfection, a dinnerware collection that has become infamous in the world of hospitality and can be found at some of the finest restaurants in the world, most notably at Jean-Georges here in New York City. This porcelain tableware is iconic and symbolic– a delicate, natural art – the celebration of a perfect yet imperfect production.

As we approach another new year of creativity and diversity in hospitality, we’d like to give a standing ovation to the women who create, make, sell, and support our industry every day. Cheers.

For more information on the female artisans products seen here or to receive a free tabletop consultation, please contact

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