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Festival of Trees brings out the spirit of Christmas |

Festival of Trees brings out the spirit of Christmas

Christmas trees are a reflection of the uniqueness and creativity of the owners.

No where is that more evident than at the Festival of Trees fundraiser at the North Bay Davedi club, where sponsors picked themes showcasing a little of what they are about, but would ultimately entice people to bid on the tree.

Jean Jamieson, is the festival volunteer coordinator.

“This is for the North Bay Regional Hospital Foundation and PADDLE (Providing Adults with Developmental Disabilities Lifelong Experiences). We have agreed to put the money together to pay for a portable dental x-ray machine for the hospital’s operating room.”

Patients with high level special needs often have to go out of town to have dental work done.

“The cost is $25,000, so hopefully we’re going to be on target,” said Jamieson. 

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“The trees are phenomenal. Businesses were on board with this as soon as we presented our case to them, without any hesitation.”

Rebuilt Resources known for its recycling, took its “Come Treasure Hunt with Us” motto to a whole new level.

Inspiration started with the unpacking of boxes filled with items to sell at Christmas. After careful review of the contents and much consideration, it was decided that the theme would be “Kitchen Tree.”

Employee Melissa Levesque, says everything just fell into place.  

“The tree is filled with vintage kitchen accessories. We have beaters, potato cutters, meat grinders, juicers, old salt and pepper shakers. There’s just a plethora of really cool things on that tree, and a bunch of really antique cookbooks that we’ve brought in from here.” 

Normally, items of this quality are used for Rebuilt Resources own store auction.   

Levesque credits fellow employee Maryann Leveille for coming up with the concept.

“We did a hockey tree one year, and a tea tree another year with teacups and all sorts of serving stuff. So we were trying to figure out what we had an abundance of that we could use,” said Leveille. “I thought we have a lot of old Christmas kitchen tools, so let’s do that. The only thing that is new is the tree itself, and the hooks and bows that go on it. Everything else are items that have been donated to Rebuilt to put back into the community.”  

Leveille says they’ve had some great feedback about their end product.

“We already knew going into it, that it was going to be fabulous,” she laughs. “We’re overachievers, and we both love Christmas. So we don’t just do things a little bit, we go overboard. It’s ‘go big, or go home.'”   

The pair also liked the cause. 

“We like helping multiple organizations in North Bay because we want to keep it local. Anytime we can help organizations that do such great work with individuals, we’re happy to be a part of it. It’s part of what we do every day, and it’s part of giving, and at this time of year even more so,” said Leveille. 

As of Thursday night, the highest bid for the kitchen tree was $375.  The doors open Friday at 11 for people to view and make silent auction bids on the trees, and other donated items. 

“Then at 7:30 we do a live auction of nine trees that we’ve chosen. It’s going to be exciting. We also have live entertainment so it’s going to be great,” said Jamieson.

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