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Four great dog bakeries in and around LA |

Four great dog bakeries in and around LA

Dog treats have come a long way from those boxes of desiccated bone-shaped crackers stacked in the pet food aisles of grocery stores. These days, your local bakery might have a tray of dog cookies displayed next to the kouign-amann and caneles, and the pet shop down the street is likely to carry organic, gluten-free meals made in-house, resembling a farm-to-table bistro more than a feed store.

Some pet shops have taken this even further, opening dog bakeries inside their stores, with elaborate pastry cases, even dedicated pastry chefs. This is a lot of fun for dog lovers who appreciate the artistry of a good pastry kitchen, and of course an awful lot of fun for your dog.

These baked goods are specifically calibrated for your pet, it should be said, with carob instead of chocolate, little or no sugar, salt or artificial coloring, and ingredients that dogs tend to love and that are suited to their nutritional needs (lots of peanut butter and yogurt). And they’re human-grade quality, so that if your kid happens to share your pet’s hamburger-shaped pastry or Dodger-decorated cookie, there’s no problem.

Here are four dog bakeries in and around L.A. where we go to scratch that itch:

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