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Frenchy’s store in Chester gets new owner |

Frenchy’s store in Chester gets new owner

In Nova Scotia, the name ‘Frenchy’s’ is legendary for smart shoppers who want to look their best without breaking the bank. Frenchy’s stores are all over the province and one of them in Chester is now under new ownership. Tracey Clothier purchased Double ‘A’ Frenchy’s, located at 4115 Highway 3, in February 2017.

“Double A has been in business for 25 years,” she says. “I’ve been shopping here since I moved to Chester and always thought I might like to get into this business. When the owner said he was willing to sell, I decided to buy it. I decided it would be a fresh start for me.“

In the new year, she’ll be changing the name to Tracey’s Sweet Trends New to You Clothing Boutique but will still be associated with the Frenchy’s brand.

“Since I bought the business, I’ve added additional suppliers that Abdullah (the previous owner) didn’t have,” she says.

Clothing and footwear for the store comes from the U.S. and shoppers will find gently used and sometimes new brand names for women, men and children including, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, OshKosh and Carters, all at reasonable prices. They will also find a small selection of linens as well as kitchen items, hand crafted items, accessories and Acti-Labs cosmetics, skin care, weight loss, slimming and body care products.

“I decided to keep my pricing in line with how the store has always operated,” Clothier says. “So, a woman’s long-sleeved blouse would be around $4.95 while a short-sleeved one would be around $4.25.”

Because of her association with Frenchy’s, she gets 1000-pound bales shipped up by transport trucks from Meteghan roughly once a month. When they arrive, it’s like Christmas as the contents of these giant cubes are revealed.

“I’ve changed the store around a bit,” she says. “There are new racks and it’s more organized. I’ve found that I have new customers coming in who’ve never been here before and others who haven’t been to the store in a while and who are coming back because they’ve heard out in the community that the store has changed.”

Clothier is a serial entrepreneur who also provides homecare services throughout the community. She’s able to combine both businesses — keeping an eye out for items in the shop that are suitable for her clients and delivering them as she makes her rounds.

If it’s time for a wardrobe refresh, for all members of the family, from head to toe, drop in to see what Double A has on its racks and shelves.

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