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Fueled by drawings, Adele’s Place continues to donate to worthy causes |

Fueled by drawings, Adele’s Place continues to donate to worthy causes

In June, Adele’s Place owner Adele Lake made the largest charitable contribution to date by delivering a check for $10,000 to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Before deciding to let the 50/50 drawing fund grow to $10,000 before giving it to a worthy cause, the money was given out is smaller amounts.

For example, last October Lake presented the Perry Township Firefighters Association first responders with a check for $3,383. A month earlier, the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department received $3,044. The Perry Township Police Department was the beneficiary of $1,036 for police equipment.

Last November, $1,072 was donated to the Salem Police Department K-9 unit and a donation was made to the Shriners.

Lake decided increase the charitable amount of the 50/50 drawing to $10,000 late last year.

But after the Queen of Hearts jackpot of $230,840 was hit in July, the new board jackpot amount — primed with a 10 percent rollover of the previous jackpot — started the board at $25,648.

The drop in the jackpot has made ticket sales more challenging. But Lake also wanted to focus on the charitable giveaway represented in the 50/50 drawing, where ticket sales also lagged.

Last month a new feature was added to the Queen of Hearts drawing new board. It now pays $100 to the person whose ticket is drawn if they are present — just for being drawn. That was added to the current setup where, if the ticket holder is present, and their card reveals a jack, they win $150. A king pays $200, aces pay $500, the other queens pay $1,000 and the jokers pay $1,500.

Now, to add a little more of a kick to the drawings, an anonymous contributor has put four sets of Home Laughlin Fiesta Wear Bistro series dinnerware, along with a $50 gift certificate from Adele’s Place, into a third, separate drawing.

Beginning with last Thursday’s drawing, 52 playing cards at $10 per card are being sold.

Once all 52 cards have been sold and torn in half, with the purchaser keeping one half, the winner will be drawn. The winner must be present and have the other half of the card.

All the proceeds from that drawing will go to St. Paul Elementary School in Salem to help equip an autistic sensory room, which will also receive the next $10,000 from Adele’s Place.

As of Thursday’s 50/50 drawing, $7,125 has been collected for the sensory room.

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