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Gearhead: The right pans for amazing campfire cooking |

Gearhead: The right pans for amazing campfire cooking

If you love camping, you know that just about anything cooked over a campfire tastes great. The joy in a camp meal comes from many things, including being with family and friends, the uniquely mouth-watering aromas arising from food cooked over a fire and being surrounded by nature. Here are two items to make your camp meals even better:

Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven: This high quality cast iron and versatile pot can be placed directly atop charcoal briquettes or an open flame, allowing campers to whip up chili or lasagna, roast a piece of meat with potatoes, stew a chicken, bake biscuits or Irish soda bread and so much more. The lid flips over, becoming a separate skillet or griddle, so you can make pancakes and fry bacon, too. Pre-seasoned. Comes in three sizes: 10” ($49.99), 12” ($63.99) and 14” ($74.99).

Rome Industries’ Double Pie Iron: Let your imagination soar with this double-sized cast iron pie iron that you can thrust right into the coals and control safely via handles attached to chrome-plated rods. Make two grilled sandwiches at a time — or pizza calzones, egg muffins, fruit pies or filled tortillas. Anything, really, that you can slap between two pieces of bread, dough, tortilla (or whatever), encase in the pie iron and grill to perfection. Comes with recipes. $21.49.

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