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Get a Handle on Your Pots and Pans – The New York Times |

Get a Handle on Your Pots and Pans – The New York Times

First, it came for eyeglasses. And then it came for makeup. It came for mattresses, and razors and erectile dysfunction pills. And now, finally, the Great Disruption has come for your cookware.

Up until a few years ago, consumers faced a dizzying array of pots and pans on trips to department stores or online: cast iron skillets in a multitude of sizes, nonstick fry pans with lids and without, triply sauté pans with different metallic exteriors, and stainless steel pots of varying volumes.

But with the emergence of several direct-to-consumer kitchenware companies, buyers can now eschew choice for curated, pared-down sets — just the essentials.

Great Jones, for example, which was started by Sierra Tishgart, 28, a former writer for New York magazine, and Maddy Moelis, 28, offers only five pieces: an enameled cast iron Dutch oven, a ceramic nonstick pan, a stockpot, a frying pan and a sauce pot. The Dutch oven, which they refer to as The Dutchess, costs $145 and comes in five millennial-matte colors (Blueberry, Broccoli, Earl Grey, Mustard and Macaron). The full set is $395.

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