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Get a Workout With a New Dutch Oven – The New York Times |

Get a Workout With a New Dutch Oven – The New York Times


The “F” on the brass handle is for Finex, but you can claim it for your own if your name is Fred, or Faye … or Florence.

Sonny Figueroa/The New York Times

Cast-iron cookware is in the spotlight. Having started with skillets, producers are now introducing Dutch ovens. Despite already owning pots from Staub and Le Creuset, I could not resist the new Dutch oven by Finex Cast Iron Cookware, an American company that makes distinctive octagonal pieces with a dark bronze finish. The brass knob on the lid bears my initials (they happen to coincide with the company logo). It was fine for a test-drive pot roast, snugly holding a four-pound piece of chuck. The angled shape, meant to facilitate pouring, proved effective, and clean-up, thanks to its pre-seasoned organic flaxseed oil coating, was a breeze. You just need a few sessions at the gym to lift its nearly 12 pounds (empty): Finex 5-Quart Dutch Oven With Cover, $300,

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