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Get an Exclusive Look Inside a Kitchen and Bath Pro’s Newly Built Home |

Get an Exclusive Look Inside a Kitchen and Bath Pro’s Newly Built Home

When you see the detailed artistry of master kitchen and bath designers, you sometimes wonder if their own homes are as luxurious as the work they create in others’. In the case of Jay Young, owner of Toulmin Cabinetry Design, the stunning craftsmanship and exquisite design he creates for his clients are on full display in his newly built home in Tuscaloosa.

“The style of our home really transcends from our clients,” Jay says. “It’s a super classic look, and we probably lean more toward traditional, because that’s the direction our clients usually go in. But in general, I like to keep it simple, clean and classic — that’s kind of my motto. I believe less is more.”

Jay Young of Toulmin Cabinetry Design recently finished his new family home in Tuscaloosa. Following in the footsteps of his father who built homes in the Tuscaloosa area for 20+ years, Jay comes by his design acumen honestly. Pair his father’s construction savvy with his mother’s innate eye for style, and you could say Jay was destined to do something in the creative field.

Outfitting much of the space with Montclair Danby marble countertops — “some of the best marble in country,” Jay says — gives this kitchen a bright and airy feel.

While traditional decor and a neutral palette anchor the interiors of Jay and Mary Harmon Young’s home, clean lines and arresting accent pieces lend an air of modernity to a home that embodies timeless elegance.

One of the main reasons Jay decided to build the home, he says, was to offer his wife a larger kitchen — the “heart of the home” that she dreamed of for family mealtimes with their two children, as well as for entertaining friends and family. And the kitchen’s jaw-dropping beauty is rivaled only by its smart design. Naturally, every functional need was taken into consideration by this cabinetry expert. “We wanted to make sure we had a lot of deep drawers to store all our kitchen wares and tools,” Jay says of the home’s dynamic and cleverly hidden storage design.

Another signature of this home is its light, airy feel, thanks to the generous installation of Sierra Pacific Windows wherever possible. Every room is awash in natural light and outfitted with lighting fixtures with dimmers, which imbue the spaces with gorgeous illumination at dusk. “There’s nothing worse than a newly created space that’s dark,” says Jay.

Hardwood floors in a hickory color by Hallmark Floors provide a nice contrast to the rest of the space, while an elegant Gabby light fixture makes the whole scene truly glow.

JennAir Professional Appliances and a steam oven keep the space feeling modern and up-to-date. White beaded inset Shiloh custom cabinetry accompanied by backsplash tile from ADEX‘s “Earth” collection stay in line with the home’s sleek, clean aesthetic.

The gorgeous floral arrangements were created by Wayne Adams Floral.

Ever mindful of the interplay of light with the colors and textures of interiors, Jay chose an exquisite Montclair Danby marble kitchen countertop that gleams in the sunlight and glows beneath oversized contemporary gilded lanterns. Instead of trying to purchase a lot of mediocre décor that you “kind of” like, Jay stresses investing in a few great pieces — like nice countertops or ornate light fixtures. This will create strong focal points and quiet some of the confusion caused by an abundance of smaller details. This strategy not only helps clients stay within their budget, Jay says, but it also allows splurge-worthy items to get their deserved time in the spotlight. “It makes the impact more profound,” he adds.

From the kitchen, rich hickory-toned hardwood floors flow into the adjacent living room and through a versatile wet-bar-meets-butler-pantry hallway that leads into the dining room. Being frequent entertainers, Jay says it was important to have an area where he and his wife could mix up cocktails and also store some of their fine china. In the dining room, rustic beams provide a striking juxtaposition against the clean, classic vibe and exude an inviting Old World charm.

“I’m usually not big on the rustic look, but I needed something to give it interest,” Jay says of the stately cedar beams that anchor this corner of the home. “Our neighborhood is on Lake Tuscaloosa, so we wanted a touch of earth — I think the beams kind of give it a warm look.”

“This is kind of our serving area,” Jay says of the wet-bar-meets-butler’s-pantry hallway. “It leads right into the dining room.”

Hardwood floors and rustic beams give the dining room area a warm and inviting feel. The drapes, outfitted by Jeanette Remaley Design, provide the perfect amount of texture for the space while the beautiful chandelier outfitted by Gabby Lighting pulls in a layer of posh.

Neutral tones and traditional décor are staple elements of the living room. Jay says he wanted to keep in theme with the rest of the home here by pulling in different metals and textures.

This compact in-home office packs a punch with its ample storage space and, with room for two, it can double as a space for a parent to work while a kiddo tackles homework beside them.

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Metallic accents create a subtle yet striking through-line in this hallway vignette.

Even in Alabama heat, Jay admits he and his wife still spend a majority of their time on the back porch taking in the serene space. “We just wanted a big, open porch,” he says. “I think it’s important for porches to be open on both sides so you can get a good breeze coming through it.”

Flanked by the gorgeous kitchen and dining spaces, the living room has a decidedly subdued and cozy feel, due in large part to the timeless neutrals. “I’m a proponent of sticking with a pretty neutral color scheme, and then adding pops of color with accessories to give interest,” says Jay. For this softer space meant for relaxation, subtle patterns and velvety textures are accented by sleek metal decor for a look that doesn’t overpower the space or compete with the adjacent high-activity rooms. “Mixing modern and traditional gives it a nice eclectic feel,” says Jay of this comfy sitting area.

Perhaps one of Jay’s favorite rooms in the house, because of its unexpected bold design and accessories, is the downstairs powder room. With its bright blue, metallic patterned wallpaper and eye-catching mirror, it adds a beautiful pop of color to the home. “My wife fell in love with this mirror, and she wanted me to build a room based solely on it,” says Jay. “Neutral is definitely what we usually do, but in this case we decided to do something wild in a small area.”

Jay actually advises clients who fall in love with bold statement pieces or bright-colored wallpapers to feature them in smaller spaces. “Bathrooms and hallways are perfect for this,” he says. The same brilliant blue in the powder room appears again in a mudroom-style built-in storage bench — a fun catchall hallway accent that has become a conversation piece. “A lot of people when they walk into our home ask ‘why did you paint that one cabinet in the hallway navy blue?’” Jay says with a laugh. “I guess I wanted a pop of color.”

Jay based this entire powder room on the mirror, which his wife simply fell in love with. It clearly inspired the geometric patterns, gold accents and overall bold design.

This catchall built-in storage unit provides the perfect amount of interest for the home. The same deep navy meanders into the downstairs bathroom, pulling the entire look together.

Traditional antique furniture intermingles with thoroughly modern pieces for a collected look that exudes chic elegance.

This multipurpose room incorporates modern art and furniture with beautiful antique pieces. “Mixing modern and traditional gives it a nice eclectic feel,” says Jay.

Pops of olive green and chartreuse complement the gilded accents in this upstairs den.

This master bedroom embraces a more traditional Southern feel with traditional furniture and a subdued color palette.

This light, white, airy space has an almost ethereal feel.

We love the clean, modern lines of this sleek freestanding tub.

Mirrors on the cabinetry and walls amplify the space.

Upstairs, gorgeous bedrooms embrace a more traditional Southern feel with antique furniture and neutral colors. But this kitchen and bath designer let his expertise absolutely shine in the master bath, where a freestanding tub, large mirror, ample storage space and original artwork make the space dream-worthy. One of Jay’s favorite details, he says, is how interior designer Randall Bobo of Randall Bobo Dress Design decided to suspend a painting to break up the large size of the mirror. “I just thought that was so cool” he says. Sublime custom tile work throughout makes the sleek spa-like oasis sing, while mirrors on the cabinetry make the space feel bigger and lighter, and clean, crisp details give the room a sense of calm.

After years of practicing the art of kitchen and bath design, and now, having recently finishing his own home, Jay’s design philosophy and convictions ring truer than ever. He still leans toward the simple clean and classic, believing that less is more. And he remains steadfast in warning clients against cutting corners when it comes to investing in their homes. “So many times, clients want to skimp,” Jay says. “I tell them to just wait until they can afford it, and do it right. There’s just no reason to put a Band-Aid on something in lieu of quality design.” And judging by the high-quality custom design and timeless elegance of Jay’s own home, that is a pearl of wisdom we are pleased to accept.


Interior furnishings by Capitol Park Interiors, The Perfect Touch Home in Demopolis Tuscaloosa, and Kathryn Yarbrough at At Home Furnishings in downtown Homewood

To learn more about Toulmin Cabinetry Design or to schedule your own custom design consultation, visit or call (205) 366-0807.

This article is sponsored by Toulmin Cabinetry Design. All photography by Jana Sobel of 205 Photography

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