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Get meals started before you get home with Gourmia’s IoT multi-cooker |

Get meals started before you get home with Gourmia’s IoT multi-cooker

While plenty of multi-cookers and slow-cookers can keep food warm until it’s ready to serve, chefs who want to keep food cold until it’s ready to cook are out of luck. That’s the problem for which Gourmia‘s new IoT Cool-Cooker aims to provide a solution. The device has a built-in refrigeration unit, so you can pop ingredients into the pot in the morning and keep them cold until you want it to start cooking.

Using Gourmia’s mobile app, you can remotely instruct the cooker to start cooking, or you can delay cooking if you’re running a little late from work. You can remotely control the temperature of the device and monitor the cooking process as well. The IoT Cool-Cooker is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can integrate control of the device with your voice assistant hubs. You’ll be able to speak to your appliances this way and instruct them to do complete various tasks — all from the comfort of your couch. Plus, the appliance has Artificial Intelligence capabilities, and Gourmia claims it can learn your cooking preferences over time.

The six-quart, 11-in-1 sous vide appliance and multi-cooker can theoretically take the place of many different kitchen appliances, as the Cool-Cooker can bake, make stew, slow-cook, make yogurt, and a lot more. If you’re making something such as yogurt, which should be kept cold until serving, the appliance can be programmed to keep food cool until serving time as well.

The Cool-Cooker features an easy-to-read, user-friendly control panel with an LCD screen, and users can select among preset time and temperature options and cooking modes. The included non-stick aluminum pot helps distribute heat evenly, which Gourmia claims ensures easy clean-up and perfectly cooked dishes. The tempered glass lid allows users to monitor their food and get a visual check-in.

Purchase of the Cool-Cooker comes with a cookbook and a handful of accessories, including a stainless-steel sous vide cooking rack and a roasting rack. The appliance will be available for purchase nationwide later in 2018. For now, interested patrons can check out Gourmia’s GMC522 Cool-Cooker at the International Home + Housewares Show 2018 (IHHS), where cooking demonstrations will be conducted.

The Brooklyn-headquartered Gourmia specializes in making kitchen appliances, including immersion cookers, multi-cookers, and juicers. According to the company, Gourmia places an emphasis on designing user-friendly, reliable tools with a high standard of innovation and performance.

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