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Getting hot? Must be the cast iron cookware meeting, and a new pot from Viking (photos) |

Getting hot? Must be the cast iron cookware meeting, and a new pot from Viking (photos)

A heavy metal cookpot lobby will be in full-force on Saturday, July 22, and anyone can join in. The Annual Ohio Regional Cast Iron Enthusiasts meet 10 a.m.-4 p.m. that day at Coit Road Farmers Market (15000 Woodworth Road, East Cleveland).

Cast iron experts will talk about cooking with and cleaning cast iron pots in demonstrations at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The simple “oven cleaner in a bag” will be explained, along with a customized electrolysis tank for large-scale cast iron cleaning.
Bring your cast iron for free appraisals and to buy, sell or swap. Vendors from Ohio and surrounding states are expected.

Once dismissed as relics of farmhouse cooking, and props in Three Stooges comedies, cast iron pots are seeing new appreciation for their thick bottoms and ability to hold heat evenly.

Viking, the stove people, have joined the revival with a new line of charcoal colored, enamel-coated, cast iron cookware, and sent along a sample to try. We turned to tester Kevin “Spicehound” Scheuring, organizer of the meet. Here’s what he thought:

“Overall this piece is excellent. The lid doesn’t fit as tightly as I would like and has a little wobble but is sufficient.

“The inside finish is beautiful and many attempts to attack it with metal utensils and ridiculous heat fluctuations didn’t harm it one bit. Cast iron is notoriously bad at conducting heat quickly, great at holding heat which means the extra thick bottom is perfect for browning, as it should be.

“It’s a practical size for your average home cook, and home stove. It’s a hefty price but very smart in design.”

Scheuring recommends it for browning and braising, the technique of slow-cooking meats in a bit of liquid.

Not as tall as a Dutch Oven, but does a similar job for smaller meals. 

Viking Cast Iron Pan with Lid, 14.2-inch, 3.5 quart, lifetime warranty, $169.95.

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