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Good Eggs


Photo by Justin Chesney

A.M. Specialties

Breakfast without eggs? How dare the words even be uttered? Whatever the style, here are some morning standouts that will have Richmond brunchers ready to rise and shine.

^ Scrambled Eggs and Lobster Biscuit

$15 at Lulu’s, 21 N. 17th St., 804-343-9771

If you thought lobster and breakfast were two separate occasions, you’ve never traveled to brunch mecca Lulu’s for their decadent lobster biscuit and scrambled eggs. The chunky lobster meat, creamy hollandaise and fluffy, larger-than-life house-made biscuits make this a brunch must.

Benny Goodman

$14 at Perly’s, 111 E. Grace St., 804-912-1560

Named after the jazz clarinetist and “King of Swing,” the Benny Goodman gets brunch jiving from the first bite. Crispy potato latkes serve as the Benedict base, smoked salmon piles high and dill hollandaise is draped on top before a sprinkle of salmon roe — the finishing touch to this salty, rich and indulgent masterpiece.

Breakfast of Champions

$10.95 at The Continental Westhampton, 5704 Grove Ave., 804-285-0911

Sometimes more is better, and in the case of these breakfast nachos (what a combo) piled high with soft scrambled eggs, treat yourself like the champion you are and add the house-smoked brisket for $4. Complemented by avocado cream, enchilada sauce and salsa, this brunch standout packs flavor and flair.

Eggs en Cocotte

$12 at Metzger Bar Butchery, 801 N. 23rd St., 804-325-3147

Who knew eggs could be so elegant? With eggs baked in a ramekin or cast-iron skillet with cream, a decadent, pudding-like texture is created. The eggs are prepared with greens, mushrooms, salty cured speck and tangy New Hampshire landaff cheese, and then paired with toast. Satisfying and simplistic, this is a one-of-a-kind egg dish.

Fried Chicken Thigh With Slow-Cooked Eggs

$12 at The Roosevelt, 623 N. 25th St., 804-658-1935

This Southern venue can cook some darn good fried chicken, but add some slow-cooked eggs and BAM — brunch has just been elevated. The crispy fried chicken thigh packs a salty crunch, while the time-reliant eggs deliver a thin custard-like white, along with a creamy, smooth yolk.


Photo by Alexis Courtney


Classic niçoise salads, deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches are noontime staples. We also expand your horizons with some Caribbean- and Korean-inspired options.

^ Eggs and Tom

$9 at Soulveur, 9545 Amberdale Drive, North Chesterfield, 804-716-4360

Deviled eggs are already straight-up sinful, and Soulveur will have you dancing with the devil when they’re paired with crispy fried green tomatoes and a side of secret “special” sauce. A crowd-pleaser at family reunions, the recipe soon shifted to the menu.

Egg Salad Sandwich

$9 at SB’s Lakeside Love Shack, 6935 Lakeside Ave., 804-922-2371

Nestled in Lakeside, the Love Shack has brought owner Sarabeth Hagen’s family egg salad recipe to the public, delivering a version that she says focuses on flavor and simplicity. Served on a flaky croissant with lettuce and tomato, it’s safe to say you won’t be the only diner enjoying this sandwich that has quickly become a lunch mainstay.

Voodoo Shrimp

$13 at Pescados, 13126 Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, 804-379-7121

If you go to Pescados and don’t order the voodoo shrimp, shame on you. This Caribbean-inspired dish is intense with character, flavor and heat. Wild-caught shrimp, spicy chorizo, onion and allspice-rum flambé are packed on a piece of Cuban toast, then topped with a soft egg and sliced banana.

Arugula and Green Bean Salad With Egg

$14 at Dinamo, 821 W. Cary St., 804-678-9706

Two half-eggs harmoniously decorate the outside of the plate like a Libra scale as this cold salad features fresh arugula, bright green beans and slivers of red onion. Sultry slabs of distinctive Parmesan add a rich balance, while a Dijon vinaigrette offers a light and fresh touch.

Classic Kimbap Roll

$6.50 at JKogi, 325 N. Second St., 804-225-8734

The only downside of eating a kimbap roll from JKogi is how foolish you look when trying to fit the half-dollar-sized medallions in your mouth in one bite. A quintessential Korean lunch, the crab and fish are accompanied by sweet radish, spinach, crunchy carrots and fried egg. Ask for a side of tae yang (wasabi mustard) and take lunch up a notch.


Photo by Alexis Courtney


Protein-packed eggs make a great dinner companion, whether they coat pasta, top skillets or enhance stews.

^ Pabellon

$13 at Bocata Latin Grill, 4725 Walmsley Blvd., 804-716-8116

Informality doesn’t matter when you’re crafting authentic South American-inspired dishes such as pabellon, the national dish of Venezuela. From the first bite of tender, moist, shredded beef, it’s clear this casual eatery offers everything but casual flavors.

Rockfish and Barcat Oyster Bourride

$24 at Rappahannock, 320 E. Grace St., 804-545-0565

A poached egg carefully balances atop this rustic stew, with the delightfully pungent scent of garlic and fennel rising from the bowl. This comforting dish will warm you to the core, and grilled bread is the perfect utensil for the herbaceous broth in which chunky potatoes, rockfish and Barcat oysters swim.


$18 at The Shaved Duck, 15408 Westchester Commons Way, Midlothian, 804-379-7505

The love of duck is made clear with Chef Matt Kirwan’s edgy play on this Italian classic that features duck and pork pancetta paired with house-made fettuccine. Thick noodles soak up the elegant egg-based sauce that is accented with black pepper and Parmesan.


$4 for two pieces at Red Salt Chophouse Sushi, 12221 W. Broad St., 804-360-8080

Japanese for “egg,” tamago are delicate mini omelets with several thin layers that require a special pan and just the right amount of folding. This rare sushi dish is fluffy, with a light texture, and it pairs perfectly with the sweet flavor of sushi rice.

Green Shakshuka

$9 at Little Nickel, 4702 Forest Hill Ave., 804-230-8743

Shakshuka, a North African dish that made its way to the Middle East, means “all mixed up,” but diners at Little Nickel know that they want this menu gem. A skillet filled with a trinity of greens — Swiss chard, kale and spinach — is topped with two eggs, salsa verde, goat cheese, jalapenos and scallions.


Photo by Justin Chesney

Sweet Endings

An everyday kitchen ingredient that can be transformed from mundane to magical, eggs play a pivotal role in crafting an array of decadent desserts.

^ Lemon Meringue Pie

$4.50 at Proper Pie Co., 2505 E. Broad St., No. 100, 804-343-7437

If you’ve never had a slice of Proper Pie’s Lemon Meringue pie, a “sweet” staple on their menu, it’s time to head to the New Zealand-style bakery and treat yo’self. The whipped egg whites create masterfully crafted stiff peaks, and below, a tangy lemon custard makes your mouth pucker.

Dulcey Soufflé With Creme Anglaise

$12 at Brenner Pass, 3200 Rockbridge St., Suite 100, 804-658-9868

This take on a timeless dessert staple is an alchemy of air, featuring properly beaten egg whites and dulcey, a velvety blond chocolate. Simplistic, yet time-consuming, the loftiness of the soufflé relies heavily on delicate egg handling. Accented flawlessly by the creme anglaise, this indulgent dessert is worth the trip.


$2.99 at La Sabrosita Bakery, 7730 Midlothian Turnpike, 804-986-9695

At this family-owned bakery in Midlothian, you can find masterfully crafted yet inexpensive slices of flan, a sweetened Mexican custard that’s creamy and delicate. Hungry? Late-night sweet tooth? Ask the staff about the 8- or 9-inch cake-size flan and take it to-go. We won’t judge, and neither will they.

Bailey’s Irish Cream and Cinnamon Creme Brulee

$7 at Max’s on Broad, 305 Brook Road, 804-225-0400

We’re suckers for a creme brulee — the scent of torched raw sugar reminiscent of a campfire, the delicate touch of the spoon to the smooth custard and the tantalizing balance of crispy and creamy. Max’s has added a twist on this classic by finding the perfect combination of vanilla and cinnamon spice.

Pecan-Streusel Bread Pudding

$9 at Shyndigz, 1903 W. Cary St. and 1831 W. Cary St., 804-938-3449

Although known as a regional cake master, Shyndigz hits home with their from-scratch pecan-streusel bread pudding, which has a base of sweet bread and custard, topped with a brown-sugar-and-pecan streusel. Cake-like and fluffy, this Southern-style puddin’ makes you savor every bite of comfort as it melts in your mouth.

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