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Have an egg-cellent suhoor |

Have an egg-cellent suhoor

Omelette With Veggies Cheddar
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 10 mins
Serves: 1

30 ml extra virgin olive oil
30 gm zucchini, diced
20 gm red pepper, diced
20 gm green pepper, diced
1 tsp red onion, chopped
20 gm asparagus, coarsely chopped
3 large omega-3 eggs
40 gm cheddar cheese, grated

Heat a pan and add 20 ml olive oil.
Add all the diced vegetables and sauté for 4-6 mins. Do not overcook; vegetables must be al dente.
Remove from the pan and allow to cool.
In a pastry bowl, whisk eggs well using a wire whisk, then add cooked vegetables into the egg mix.
Add remaining olive oil to a pan on medium heat and pour in the eggs and veggies mix.
Fold the eggs and mix from time to time in the pan using a rubber spatula.
Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese over the omelette, fold into three, and serve.

Chef Rohan says: “Do not overcook or press the omelette – this will guarantee a fluffy and soft omelette in the end.”

Baked Eggs With Tricoloured Heirloom Buffalo Mozzarella
Prep time: 10 mins
Bake time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 3

15 gm onion, chopped
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 red heirloom tomato
1 yellow heirloom tomato
1 orange heirloom tomato
Pinch of kosher salt
Pinch of freshly crushed black pepper
6 large omega-3 eggs
150 gm buffalo mozzarella
Pinch of chopped thyme

Preheat oven to 200°C.
Place a pan on medium heat, and saute chopped onion with olive oil until golden brown.
Add all the tomatoes, toss for a minute, and add kosher salt and black pepper. Divide equally between three skillets.
Gently crack all six eggs (two per skillet) over the onion-tomato mix, sprinkle diced buffalo mozzarella around the eggs, and bake for 15-20 mins.
Remove baked eggs and sprinkle fine chopped thyme over them, and serve.

Chef Rohan says: “It is best not to leave the chopped thyme out in the open for long.”

Poached Eggs With Citrus Spicy Avocado Mash
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 15 mins
Serves: 3

6 L water
3 ripe Hass avocado, halved, peeled, deseeded
2 tsp cajun spice mix
Juice of 1 lemon
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp crushed black pepper
6 large omega-3 eggs
150 ml white vinegar
3 slices multigrain bread
180 gm smoked salmon, sliced

Add water to a medium saucepot and bring to boil.
Add avocado halves to pastry bowl; mash two of the avocados with a fork and add cajun spices. Add lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste.
Crack an egg each into two 30 cl bowls. Reduce heat, add vinegar and bring water to simmer.
Place the cracked eggs gently in the simmering water and poach to desired doneness (3 mins for soft or 6 mins for medium cooked).
Thinly slice remaining avocado and lay it over the middle of each plate.
Using a perforated spoon, remove eggs from simmering water; drain excess water and place on a plate.
Place two poached eggs over the sliced avocado and place smoked salmon beside it.
Serve with multigrain bread and mashed avocado on the side.

Chef Rohan says: “For the best poached eggs, make sure you crack the eggs into simmering water, not boiling water.”

Quiche With Courgetti Feta
Prep time: 10 mins
Roast/bake time: 30 mins
Serves: 4

120 gm courgette, diced
120 gm red pepper
20 gm baby spinach
90 gm mushroom, diced
40 gm softened butter
300 gm puff pastry dough
8 large omega-3 eggs
2 tbsp corn flour
60 ml cooking cream
¼ tsp nutmeg powder
80 gm feta cheese
4 tsp tomato, chopped, deseeded

Preheat oven at 210°C. Roast vegetables in it for 10 mins.
Grease two skillets with butter.
Roll out puff pastry sheet using a rolling pin. Place into each skillet to form the base of the quiche.
In a mixing bowl, beat eggs, corn flour and cream together; add nutmeg powder.
Place grilled vegetables and feta cheese crumbs in ready-to-bake quiche pastry; then, pour egg mixture into the pastry.
Sprinkle chopped tomato over the quiche and place in the centre of oven to bake for 20-25 mins. Check for doneness by inserting a small toothpick into the centre of the quiche; if it comes out clean, the quiche is ready.
Remove quiches from oven, and let it cool for 6 mins.
Remove from skillets, slice into three and serve with crispy greens or a fruit salad.

Chef Rohan says: “Make sure you precook the veggies for the perfect quiche!”

Scrambled Eggs With Spicy Sausages
Prep time: 15 mins
Serves: 3

9 spicy beef sausages
6 large omega-3 eggs
30 ml cooking cream
Salt to taste
3 tsp butter
60 gm green pepper, diced
60 gm tomato, diced

Place sausages in a pan to sear for 6-8 mins or until they turn golden.
In a pastry bowl, beat eggs and cream well with salt using a wire whisk.
Add butter to a skillet on medium heat, and sauté diced green pepper for 2 mins.
Pour egg mix into the skillet and scramble gently using a heat-resistant, flexible spatula (do not overcook; leave it as creamy).
Mix sliced sausages and diced tomato into the scramble. Serve.

Chef Rohan says: “When scrambled eggs look slightly runny and silky, remove them from heat for better results.”

Steak Sunny-Side Up Eggs
Prep time: 15-20 mins
Serves: 1

2 large omega-3 eggs
240 gm entrecote steak, lip off
½ tsp thyme, fresh, chopped very fine
¼ tsp coarse salt
¼ tsp crushed black pepper
1 tsp lemon juice
30 ml extra virgin olive oil

For the salad:
150 gm new potato,
boiled, diced
90 gm cherry tomato, halved
10 gm butter
Pinch of chopped thyme
Salt and pepper to taste

Season entrecote steak with fresh thyme, salt, crushed pepper, lemon juice and 15 ml olive oil.
Place a pan over medium heat, and sear steak on each side for 3 mins.
Place another pan on low heat; add the remaining olive oil and gently crack in the eggs separately. The eggs need to cook on low heat for perfect sunny side up eggs: cooked whites and soft yolks.
Remove the steak from the pan and transfer to a ceramic casserole; cover with a lid and rest for 2 mins.
After 2 mins, place steak on a serving plate and use a spatula to place sunny side up eggs over the steak.
Toss all the salad ingredients together in a pastry bowl, and serve on the side.

Chef Rohan says: “Allow the steak to rest for at least a minute, covered, after removing it from the pan. For perfect sunny eggs, cook longer on slow heat.”

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