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Highland Cabinetry: Complimentary Kitchen & Bath Design |

Highland Cabinetry: Complimentary Kitchen & Bath Design

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Highland Cabinetry is a paid sponsor of Sonoran Living

Highland Cabinetry Inc is a manufacturer of high-quality, affordably priced solid wood cabinetry in Phoenix, AZ.  Highland offers cabinets in seven styles. Within each style is a multitude of cabinet sizes, many sizes of vanities to match and all kinds of accessories to help organize a kitchen or bath. All Highland Cabinets include dovetail jointed soft close drawers, all plywood boxes, European 6-way hinges for soft closing doors and a host of other features that are usually upgrades for cabinets at this price point.

With a 60,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Highland Cabinetry can assemble and deliver beautiful cabinets in three to seven days. Because we are the manufacturer, we have everything in stock at our warehouse ready to assemble or ship flat-packed (in the box) anywhere in the country.  We pride ourselves on being unique in the industry. Builders, contractors, and other construction professionals appreciate the attention we place on service as well as quality and value.  Ask your contractor if he/she uses Highland Cabinetry to get the best quality cabinets at the best price. To find a dealer in your area please call:480-905-8990 or Visit follow the Sonoran Living Button and tell us about your project.

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