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Home takeaways from the world’s best-designed hotels |

Home takeaways from the world’s best-designed hotels

Luxury resorts and eclectic boutique hotels have become more than just a place to stay — their interiors are often inspiration for our own homes.

So we enlisted the help of designer Liubasha Rose, of Rose Ink Workshop and the designer behind the insanely chic 1 Hotel South Beach and The Riviera in Palm Springs, to break down some of the current trends and explain how they can be translated into our home décor.

Sacred space

This trend is all about sustainability, wellness and a connection to nature “whether through the agrarian magic of plants or the ancient use of attuned crystals for charging spatial energies,” Rose says.

The sacred-space theme focuses on cultivating energy through crystal accessories and adorning spaces with living elements, like plants, which function as art and nature in one.

Get the look: Use plants, crystals and stone-inspired accessories to invite an earthy and spiritual element into your space.


With maximalism, there’s no such thing as going overboard when it comes to layers and prints.

“For recent Rose Ink Workshop interiors, we’ve been layering with patterned wallpaper and an eclectic mix of fabrics, furniture and art,” Rose says.

How to accomplish this on your own? Rose advises pairing a bold wallpaper with patterned drapery, or placing an embellished couch on top of a textured rug.

Get the look: Introduce a bold print in the wallpaper, pillows or curtains, and keep it as a recurring theme throughout the room.


There’s a movement toward shared, community-driven spaces, which you can apply to your home with rooms that have an open feel, inviting socializing with friends and family.

Get the look: If you can’t open your kitchen, start smaller. Place floor pillows around a large round coffee table to incite conversation, or stack the kitchen counter with glasses and beverages for easy access for all.

Faux fur

Faux-fur accessories, such as pillows, cushions and throws, bring a diverse, layered look to a room by adding tactile texture. And faux-fur accessories are more popular than ever within the mass market, making them more affordable and easier to find.

Get the look: Scatter a few small faux-fur pillows around a room, or add one large one to your sofa. Incorporate a shaggy throw in the bedroom.

Curved furniture

The rise of rounded furniture and accessories can be seen at trend-setting destinations such as the Sketch London restaurant, where the upholstered tulip chair is queen. The refreshing trend has a modern yet refined look.

“Sensuous shapes are finding their way into collections and into retailers who have shown square and tailored lines for years,” Rose says. “Bring on the bean-shaped sofa!”

Get the look: If you’re not ready to invest in a rounded sofa or armchairs, try incorporating some circular accessories like a carpet or throw pillows.

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