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(PRWEB) December 21, 2013 – the Online Home Improvement Store has made their goal to deliver the right product to the consumer. With that in mind, shopping and home design tips, as well as special product selections are being introduced.

White is one of the most popular colors for a kitchen these days. From highly traditional to sleek and modern and everywhere in between, the bright, clean look of a white kitchen holds an almost universal appeal. But making the look work well can be a little tricky. Too much white and the space can look sterile rather than inviting, while too little won’t offer the full effect. Adding just a little bit of contrast can go a long way towards balancing out a white kitchen, has introduced a guide to a few of the best subtle ways to make this look work.


Granite has remained the most popular choice for kitchen counters for years and doesn’t show any sign of falling out of favor any time soon. Choosing dark granite – especially black granite – is a perfect way to add contrast to a white kitchen, helping level off and divide the upper and lower cabinets and adding a decent amount of contrasting color throughout the whole space.


The simplest way to make white kitchen cabinets pop is to dress them up with dark hardware. This works best with a more traditional style, as there’s a huge selection of antique style cabinet hardware in oil rubbed bronze, pewter, and other dark finishes, while more modern hardware tends toward reflective finishes like chrome or stainless steel. This technique works well on its own, but also pairs seamlessly with any or all of the other techniques on this list.


Like changing out cabinet hardware, opting for darker faucets and other kitchen accessories is another subtle yet effective way to add contrast to a white kitchen. Opting for a dark, oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet is a great place to start, as a really nice faucet will act as the centerpiece of the sink area. Consider also adding other accessories with a dark finish, like bar stools at the kitchen island, a tile backsplash, or smaller things like a pot filler or paper towel holder.

Statement Piece

Similarly, adding one large piece in a contrasting color – whether it’s black or some other dark shade – can help balance out a whole kitchen, even without any of these other techniques. A kitchen island is the most obvious choice, as it naturally acts as a centerpiece for the kitchen, and can easily be made in a different color than the kitchen cabinets. That said, a distinctive range or range hood or even a dark accent wall can work quite well too, especially in a more modern kitchen.


One less obvious way to add contrast to a white kitchen is the floor. Hardwood flooring has been steadily regaining popularity in the kitchen, and a dark hardwood works especially well to offset bright, white cabinetry. Stone or tile can serve the purpose, too – whether it’s the more conventional dark brown or black or another dark shade, like a dark terracotta red tile or even stained concrete.


Oversized industrial style kitchen lighting is incredibly trendy right now, overtaking and replacing the more petite pendants that were popular in years prior. These not only tend to have great, dark, finishes like oil rubbed bronze, but also add a nice, old fashioned farmhouse touch to a white kitchen that can give it a great classic look and feel.


Finally, keep in mind that contrast doesn’t always have to be between extreme light and dark. While this can make for a daring look, subtler contrasts can be just as effective. For example, simple white subway tile is making a huge comeback, especially in white kitchens, but with a simple twist: instead of the conventional white grout, many homeowners are opting for a colored grout. This can range anywhere from a subtle off white to much darker shades, and is a great way to add striking visual contrast, even if the rest of the kitchen is entirely white.

To see some of these ideas in action, check out the full article here. is not only a home improvement superstore, it also provides expert design tips and a comprehensive shopping guide, taking the ideas from professional interior designers, and offering tips to the consumers on how to pick the products to best suit their needs.

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