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Hoover Dishwashers ease the burden of washing dishes and cutlery |

Hoover Dishwashers ease the burden of washing dishes and cutlery

Hoover’s latest line of dishwashers, exclusively available at Abans, provides the perfect solution towards easing the burden of washing dishes and cutlery.

Combining both innovative American technology and a penchant for addressing homeowner needs, Hoover dishwashers possess a set of remarkable features that help conserve time, money, and water every day while producing a cleaner, more hygienic wash.

In stark contrast to washing dishes by hand, the Hoover dishwasher range enables a greater amount of cleaning done within a shorter time span. This is due to the fact that each model possesses a large capacity 13 place setting which drastically reduces time and energy by cleaning all the dishes in one go. Hoover dishwashers also come with the unique Rapid Wash that gives the option of conducting a quick dinnerware refresh in 30 minutes, allowing one to be prepared for any surprise guests who may show up.

Unlike conventional dishwashers or hand-washing that usually incur heavier costs water bills, Hoover dishwashers contain special functions that help save more money on utility bills. These include the special ECO programme which uses 15 litres of water to clean tableware as compared with hand-washing or regular dishwashers that tend to consume 20 litres and more. Hoover dishwashers also possess an A+ Energy rating, signifying their ability to curtail your energy consumption and reduce the cost of your electricity bills.

Further, the Hoover dishwasher lineup offers a wash that makes tableware spotless, pristine, and anti-bacteria free. This is achieved through the intensive programme feature which employs the use of water heated up to 70 degrees-Celsius to powerfully remove even the toughest soil and grease from dishes. In addition, this feature kills any germs and bacteria present on dishes, allowing for a more hygienic, sterile clean that makes the dinnerware safe and healthy to use.

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