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[HOUSE AND HOLMES] When Things Go to Pot |

[HOUSE AND HOLMES] When Things Go to Pot

When I told a friend I was having trouble figuring out how to make a good “pot shelf” in our kitchen he gave me the strangest look. It was only later that I realized he was thinking of legalized cannabis and I was talking about the kind of pots—and pans—we use for cooking.

Maybe I just blew my “cool factor,” but I’ve got a big problem with where—and how—to put our diverse accumulation of pots and pans.

When I got remarried a few years ago, my wife and I merged our cookware collection—combining big and small, wide and narrow, stainless steel and copper, traditional and non-stick. We’ve accidentally created the kitchen version of a flea market where every pot is interesting, but nothing matches.

One of the biggest problems is what to do with the pot tops – each “lid” only fits one particular matching pot, which is invariably the last choice in the very back of our 1920’s-era super deep cabinets.

I usually end up with six or seven tops that are close in size, until I finally locate the one that I think will work.

Like many, I’ve also discovered there is no way to stack pot lids so they won’t fall when you pull one out of the pile. No matter how carefully you try to pry loose one lid, inevitably, a sizeable portion of the pile crashes and creates a loud cacophony of noise that sounds like a five-car pile up on Los Feliz Boulevard.

There must be a way to solve this problem. I envisioned one of those devices at the dry cleaners where you hang pot lids on a giant conveyor belt that rotates from the kitchen ceiling and delivers you the perfect top. As I was seriously considering this option, my wife suggested that I do what I always do.

So I phoned my amazing contractor friend Dave. I reached him as he was swimming in his lap pool after his morning 20-mile jog.

I explained my situation.

“Do you want the pot lids on top of the counter or inside a cabinet?” asked Dave.

I was amazed that there was a choice.

“Inside,” I answered.

“Then you want a ‘Pull out pot lid holder,’” he said. “Check the hardware store or online.”

Dave explained that there are various brands that line up the lids in a way that you can slide them in and out of the cabinet without the sound of a car crash.

I followed Dave’s advice, installed it with a screwdriver and now our pot problems are over!

Which once again goes to prove: “If I can’t figure it out—and I know that I can’t—my friend Dave can.”


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