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‘How is she not dead?’ Nigella is slammed as ‘unhealthy’ by viewers of her BBC2 cookery show after she adds TWO … |

‘How is she not dead?’ Nigella is slammed as ‘unhealthy’ by viewers of her BBC2 cookery show after she adds TWO …

  • At My Table episode sparked storm after Nigella put two spoons of salt in recipe
  • Nigella made bulgur wheat dish, which she admitted to  ‘salting very generously’
  • Viewers took to Twitter to suggest the glamorous television gourmand, 57, should use less of the condiment for the sake of the nation’s health
  • One posted: ‘Everyone’s blood pressure has shot to a dangerous level’
  • Another viewer suggested the recipe was: ‘hypertension on a plate’

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Fans tuning into the latest episode of Nigella Lawson’s television series At My Table were left fearing for the domestic goddess’ health – after watching her put liberal amounts of salt into her latest dishes.

Nigella, 57, was seen creating a bulgur wheat recipe using flaked almonds and – of course – nigella seeds, when she added two ‘generous’ spoonfuls of sea salt flakes. 

Clearly alarmed by the unhealthy addition, viewers quickly took to social media to suggest the cook should salt her food more responsibly.

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Nigella’s latest installment of her BBC2 show, which aired at 8pm last night, saw the 57-year-old cook criticised for the amount of salt used in her dishes

Creating a Middle Eastern-inspired bulgur wheat dish saw Nigella admit she likes to salt ‘very generously’ before she poured in two scoops of sea salt flakes

Last night’s episode saw Nigella briskly stirring the bulgur wheat on her stylish stove before she leaned over and reached for a small box of salt flakes. 

Admitting she likes to ‘salt very generously’, she was then seen adding two small measures of the condiment to the pan.

The mere sight of it seemed to raise the blood pressure of some viewers. 

One, @emmadora, took to Twitter to say: ‘Bloody hell #Nigella that’s not liberal with the salt, that’s hypertension on a plate.’

And she wasn’t the only one; @angelathompson5 agreed, penning: ‘Everyone’s blood pressure has shot to a dangerous level #salt #Nigella’.

@Lacerslife wrote: ‘Heck I love all of #Nigella, although maybe not quite that much salt…’

‘How is she not dead?’ Viewers were left alarmed by Nigella’s heavy salting of her food

In true social media style, there were also gifs involved, with several Twitter users posting a gif showing a lorry unloading salt into a yard – to express their shock at the amount of the condiment used.

The latest series of At My Table kicked off last week, and the latest hour-long episode saw the 57-year-old once again wearing a beautiful silk dressing gown for part of the show. 

The episode saw her creating breakfast waffles and beef and aubergine fatteh, accompanied by the well-salted bulgur wheat dish. 

It was a calorific night for Nigella, who also added a semifreddo ice cream cake with passionfruit and a fried sandwich comprising brie, parma ham and figs.

The first episode of the show saw viewers fixated with the cook’s £750 copper mixer.

A pinch? Earlier in the show, Nigella, wearing a very pretty dressing gown, added a more modest sprinkling of salt to a breakfast dish of waffles

Nigella was seen spiralizing a potato into shoestring fries using the high-end kitchen product – and a £100 spiralizer attachment – in the first airing of At My Table.

Fans were quickly smitten by the limited edition metallic version of the mixer and poured forth their admiration on social media – in spite of the eye-wateringly expensive price tag.

On Twitter, there was a torrent of fawning over the upmarket kitchen equipment.

@HaresAndHallows gushed: ‘That copper KitchenAid was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’

@MsCherylC penned: ‘A copper coloured KitchenAid! Call off the dogs. I have found Nirvana.’

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