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How to Choose Racks and Bins |

How to Choose Racks and Bins

Mobile technicians spend most of their day retrieving tools and materials from vans or trucks. These are the professionals who understand the work of bins and racks, making them best placed to advise on How to Choose Racks and Bins.

The choice you make will determine the experience you have whenever you respond to client needs.

Let’s begin by looking at what racks and bins are used for.

Racks and bins refer to storage options available to the truck and van owners for securing and storing accessories, tools, and materials. They make it easier to transport the materials and accessories without mixing them up. Further, the racks and bins will protect these materials from shifting when the vehicle makes a sudden swerve or stop. Such movement would cause the tools or accessories to get damage. The movement would also damage the wall of your vehicle.

The basic requirements for ladder racks and bins on your van are safety, flexibility, durability, and warranty. This can be achieved when you look at the following qualities when choosing your preferred system. 

Customized Racks And Bins

Racks and bins vary in size and shape depending on the needs of a technician. For instance, a veterinarian requires more small-sized bins compared to an electrical or plumbing contractor who has to carry pipes and tubes. For the racks and bins to transform your van into a mobile workshop, they must meet your needs in terms of dimensions. 

Check For Material

There are several factors you have to consider when choosing bins and racks. Among the most important is the material used to make the bin. The most common materials are steel, aluminum, and composite. Each material offers particular benefits that fit one industry and not another. For instance, steel is the strongest material you will find on the market. It is a cost-effective option if you are a truck carrying heavy materials during long-distance travel. However, it will increase the weight of your truck resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. The lighter alternative is aluminum, but it can be easily perforated. 

The composite material is preferred because it is light and offers the strength of steel. Composite material does not succumb to when exposed to the weather. The material will also absorb noise which makes the vehicle more comfortable and silent to travel in. This material is also cheaper and will deliver excellent value for money. Composite is also durable. Technology has enabled the combination of more materials to produce a lighter material with added advantages. 

Select racks and bins that meet your needs

Racks and bins form a storage system, with each technician requiring a unique one. There is no one-size-fits-all when fitting racks and bins. What you require is a review of your pain points with carrying of work accessories. With an assessment report from a specialist technician, you will design a system of racks and bins that meet your needs. Remember that even two technicians working in the same industry do not require the same system of racks and bins. 

Choose Durable material

Choose a material that is not easily damaged and will, therefore, last longer. It means that your box will not lose its effectiveness soon. This allows you to enjoy a period of efficiency without the worry of replacing the bins. You, therefore, need to choose bins that do not warp easily, break or bend. They should naturally handle the hustle of an always moving van. It should also open smoothly as you do with your kitchen drawers. 


Your needs will change from time to time. In fact, you might require carrying different equipment or materials for two trips on the same day. This calls for flexibility in the design and operation of your racks and bins. This should also come with ease in removing the bins and transporting them to cover the last mile. It will make you a more productive technician. 


The addition of racks on your vehicle amounts to modifications. The extra weight and the fact that the bin system were not factored by designers of the vehicle means that extra caution must be taken to guarantee their safety. Professional design and installation ensure that they do not endanger the lives of other road users. 

Expert advice on How to Choose Racks and Bins suggests that you should consider the terms of warranty given. Demand a reasonable time as a guarantee that you have received the best bins and rack. In case of damage, you are sure the technicians will service the racks free of charge. 

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