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How to go ultralight camping |

How to go ultralight camping

But what are you going to cook? Mountain House produces ready-to-eat meals that only require you to add water, but you can save money by planning your own meals and doing it yourself.

One very easy dish is mac and cheese with… tuna fish. Because why not? When cooking in the outdoors, fill up your water straight from a stream or river. As long as you plan on bringing it to a rolling boil, you do not need to purify it first (as you would if you were just going to drink it). A box of mac and cheese by Annie’s, for example, will be tasty even if you don’t add the recommended milk or butter, and stirring in that tuna will give you extra protein. Since you have to pack out your trash, tuna that is sold in a pouch rather than a can will be easier to transport. Plus, you don’t need a can opener.

Another dinner option is pita-bread pizzas cooked in a pan over the stove. Don’t forget tomato sauce, cheese, and a protein like pepperoni. Cover the pan with a lid to get the cheese nice and melty. After the meal, packets of hot chocolate will allow you to make warm, sugary drinks.

For breakfast the next day, you can also start out with a warm bite. Bring some water to a boil, then make instant oatmeal with raisins in it.

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