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Huddle – Eco-Friendly Space Saving Dinnerware |

Huddle – Eco-Friendly Space Saving Dinnerware

Save space in your kitchen with the Huddle Eco-Friendly Space Saving Dinnerware. Featuring a square-shaped design, these plates can be stacked vertically, so you don’t need stands, racks or even cupboards. Additionally, the Huddle plates cuddle each other using magnets. Using a patented arrangement, the magnets continuously rotate and align to polarity, allowing plates to stick in any direction without repelling. Moreover, the gap between plates enables them to dry easily since the water can flow freely. Made from 100% plant-based materials, the eco-friendly space saving dinnerware is completely free of plastic. Likewise, Huddle uses a combination of biodegradable bamboo fiber and cornstarch for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic dinnerware. Tough and durable, Huddle dinnerware is both heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

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