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I Only Want to Own Tortoiseshell Accessories |

I Only Want to Own Tortoiseshell Accessories

Only part of the author’s vast tortoiseshell collection.

Did you know that tortoiseshell cats (called “torties”) are almost exclusively female? Some other little-known tortie facts: They often have hot-tempered personalities (called “tortitude”), and are considered tokens of good luck in Ireland and Scotland.

In a way, you could call me a tortie: I anger easily, have two X chromosomes, and decorate myself more or less entirely with tortoiseshell-patterned accessories.

I always have. I bought a set of tortoiseshell barrettes from J.Crew in elementary school, wore tortoiseshell glasses through high school and college, and have delighted at the recent spate of acrylic tortoiseshell accessories: earrings made by designers like Alexandrine Paris and Jennifer Matchett, a tortoise version of the perennially popular Cult Gaia bag, and tortoiseshell patent-leather slides from Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

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