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‘If I start saving now, I’ll get one by 2022’: Nigella fans fall madly in love with a copper KitchenAid that appears … |

‘If I start saving now, I’ll get one by 2022’: Nigella fans fall madly in love with a copper KitchenAid that appears …

  • First episode of Nigella’s new BBC2 cookery show, At My Table, aired last night 
  • The 57-year-old cook left viewers smitten with a copper-coloured KitchenAid
  • Mixer retails at £750 and Nigella used it with a £100 spiralizer attachment 
  • Wallet-busting price didn’t put fans off, who poured out adoration on Twitter
  • ‘Call off the dogs, I’ve found Nirvana’, gushed one excitable fan about the mixer 
  • John Lewis says it’s seen a 50 per cent spike in interest since last night’s show

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Nigella Lawson has sparked an online sales frenzy for KitchenAids, after viewers fell in love with a £750 copper mixer used in her latest cookery show for BBC2. 

Nigella, 57, was seen spiralizing a potato into shoestring fries using the high-end kitchen product – and a £100 spiralizer attachment – in last night’s first airing of At My Table.

Fans were quickly smitten by the limited edition metallic version of the mixer and poured forth their admiration on social media – in spite of the eye-wateringly expensive price tag.

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Kitchen goals! Nigella Lawson’s latest culinary offering, At My Table, saw her using a copper-coloured Artisan KitchenAid, which retails at around £750

All I want for Christmas…Viewers took to social media to express their adoration for the kitchen equipment, which one fan described as ‘Nirvana’

The final segment of the stylish cookery offering saw Nigella retrieving a £100 metal spiralizer attachment from a box before she attached it to the KitchenAid that had appeared throughout the show.

In the dimly lit kitchen, she attached a potato to the gadget, whirred it into coils, which she then fried and named shoestring fries. 

On Twitter, there was a torrent of fawning over the upmarket kitchen equipment. 

@HaresAndHallows gushed: ‘That copper KitchenAid was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ 

@MsCherylC penned: ‘A copper coloured KitchenAid! Call off the dogs. I have found Nirvana.’ 

After realising the cost of the photogenic culinary mixer, one user suggested she’d need to save for five years to be able to afford one. 

@Keriwarbis wrote: ‘If I pop £10 a mth into my rose gold mixer fund I’ll be able to have one by Nov 2022.’ 

Nigella Lawson returned to BBC2 last night in her new show At My Table, in which she prepares ‘relaxed’ food for her friends and family…and serves up plenty of her trademark double entendres and saucy quips

And even the attachment will set you back nearly £100…Nigella spiralized a potato after connecting this nifty gadget to the front of the KitchenAid

Et voila…shoestring fries were made from the coils of potato made by the spiralizer

A lot of airtime! John Lewis appears to have now sold out of its copper KitchenAids

A lot of airtime! John Lewis appears to have now sold out of its copper KitchenAids

A lot of airtime! John Lewis appears to have now sold out of its copper KitchenAids

@CheshireMama added: ‘Copper KitchenAid mixer, sooo beautiful’

@northern_monkey cooed: ‘Nigella’s KitchenAid is a bit sexy. Want!’

There was some dispute over the colour of the KitchenAid, with many calling it on-trend ‘rose gold’, but seemingly no question over how pretty it was.

John Lewis, which sells the machine for £739.95, says the show prompted a rise in interest.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We’ve seen a 50 per cent spike in searches containing ‘Kitchen Aid’ yesterday evening between 8pm – 10pm (the show aired at 8:30pm). 

‘Customers were mainly using mobile devices to search for the product indicating that they were looking up the KitchenAid from the comfort of their sofa.’

Nigella’s agent confirmed to MailOnline that the KitchenAid used hasn’t been specially commissioned for the show and is the copper version available in high street retailers. 

The 30-minute show, which aired on BBC2 at 8:30pm, also saw the feted cook conjuring up Turkish-inspired eggs, queen of puddings and a chicken and pea traybake.

Nigella also made emergency brownies, which she created while wearing a slinky dressing gown.

Famous for her culinary-related innuendos and saucy quips, Nigella didn’t disappoint viewers last night.   

Viewers delighted at her double entendres and ‘kinky’ black rubber gloves.

Some viewers went wild when the TV chef referred to the importance of ‘impaling’ the ‘flat bottom’ when slicing potatoes.

She told viewers: ‘I need to perform a little surgery on them. This needs a flat bottom, unattractive in a person but very necessary for this procedure.’

Nigella: At My Table continues next Monday at 8:30pm on BBC Two

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