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Ikea’s new Stunsig collection is aimed at the young and fashionable |

Ikea’s new Stunsig collection is aimed at the young and fashionable

Ikea’s new limited edition line of playfully patterned home goods arrives just in time for summer. Combining colorful and edgy prints like cartoons, creatures, florals, and photography with staples like bedding and dinnerware, Stunsig is a new collection squarely aimed at the young and fashionable crowd.

While the Avsiktlig collection released this month was a “pattern explosion” of 1970s-inspired Scandinavian prints, Stunsig is meant to tell stories and turn ordinary items into extraordinary objects.

Ikea hand-picked six artists and design teams from the U.S., France, Sweden, and Denmark, all with connections to the fashion industry in some way, to create prints for a variety of everyday objects like pillows, rugs, plates, cups, blankets, tote bags, and stationery. American artist Malcolm Stuart illustrated cartoons cucumbers with “problems,” while Swedish Team Hawaii came up with cheeky collages incorporating fruits and vegetables.

Other designs include wild animal prints by French artist Frédérique Vernillet, flora and fauna by French duo Pinar Viola, psychedelic motifs by Los Angeles-based Steven Harrington, and abstract nature prints by Danish designer Tilde Bay. Stunsig will be available in stores starting in June.

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