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I’m never going back to my old frying pan after trying this kitchen startup’s under-$100 cookware |

I’m never going back to my old frying pan after trying this kitchen startup’s under-$100 cookware

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  • With Made In,
    you get all the quality of high-performance, premium cookware
    at a fraction of the traditional cost. 
  • I tried the company’s nonstick frying pan and after
    cooking a variety of dishes with it, I was very impressed.
  • It’s now my go-to pan to cook with because of its
    versatility, even heat distribution, and

Cooking is an art, oftentimes guided by intuition and creativity,
but like any self-respecting painter or sculptor, a good cook
wouldn’t be caught without the proper equipment and technique.
Cooking is as much an art as it is a science, and precision comes
down to two key elements: heat and surfaces. 

Good cookware handles heat with ease and provides the foundation
upon which great textures and flavors take form, but not too many
home cooks can say this is their experience with the pots and
pans they use regularly. I’ve spent more time soaking and
furiously scrubbing a pan than eating the meal itself — and I’m
talking about a simple egg dish. Don’t get me started on the
horrors of a more involved meal. 

We all deserve to be using better pots and pans that work for us,
not against us, cookware that yields tastier food, and less
clean-up. While I’ve considered investing in premium cookware,
sometimes the prices are truly just out of reach for me at my
current financial level and I can’t splurge.

Made In, a
direct-to-consumer kitchen brand, provides the perfect solution
for amateur cooks like myself who want to take their cooking to
the next level without overspending. 

Made In’s premium cookware is made in the USA by workers with
more than 150 years of cumulative experience in the industry. The
company is so confident in the quality of its cookware that it
even offers a 100-day trial and lifetime warranty on its

10 in nonstick

Made In

Made In recently sent me its 10-inch nonstick
fry pan
 (pictured above) to put to the test in the
kitchen. It’s now the most-used and most-loved pan in my
apartment, by far, for a few key reasons: 

It stays true to its nonstick claim without using harmful
chemicals — and it’s a dream to cook with and

It’s free of PFOA, a chemical typically used to make nonstick
coatings. Instead, it uses FDA-approved PTFE to achieve its
nonstick surface. I use oil or butter to cook with, but you don’t
have to use either with this pan. It handles ingredients of all
types, from meat and fish to vegetables and sauces, with no
sticking, burning, or residue. My roommate who cooks often
attests that “flipping eggs has never been so painless, which
makes it great for even those new to the kitchen.”

The pan also takes less than a minute to clean, cutting down
dishwashing time significantly. 

It’s versatile, built to last, and distributes heat

Made In’s cookware is composed of five layers of bonded stainless
steel and aluminum. It’s heat resistant up to 500 degrees and is
also dishwasher-, oven-, and induction top-safe.

You can’t go wrong with a good stainless steel fry pan in your
kitchen. Stainless steel is lightweight, much easier to clean
than cast iron, and won’t impart the flavors of past meals that
you’ve cooked. With proper heat management (it’s recommended to
cook on low to medium heat), your pans will be in good shape for
years to come. 

The particular pan I tried is also available in 8- and 12-inch
versions, so you can size up or down depending on how many people
you’re feeding. 

The price is very accessible, especially compared to
name-brand pans of similar construction and

A 10-inch All-Clad stainless steel nonstick fry pan, which shares
virtually all the same characteristics as Made In’s, retails at
$130. Made In’s model is only $79. That’s $50 you can spend on
more kitchen tools or specialty ingredients. Your dollar goes a
lot farther for the same quality. 

all cookwareMade In

Made In is one of the few brands we’ve seen that provides an
accessible foray into premium cooking and isn’t pretentious about
it either. If you don’t know where to start, you can always take
its Build Your
Kitchen Quiz
to discover which cookware is best for you and
your needs. The company also sells regular stainless
steel frying pans
, sauce pans,
saute pans,
and stock pots.
If you’re looking to update more than one piece, their bundled kits
are worth looking into and will save you some more money. 

Shop the Nonstick
Frying Pan at Made In for $69-$95

Shop all cookware
at Made In

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