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Induction cooking: Energy-efficient technology for your kitchen |

Induction cooking: Energy-efficient technology for your kitchen

An innovative new cooking technology from Oakville Appliance Centre in Oakville, Ontario, can help to revolutionize your kitchen and cooking style — discover induction cooking!

What is induction cooking? Simply put, an induction cooktop uses electromagnetic energy for cooking — no flame, no hot electric coil. The pot gets hot, but not the cooking surface! The process is faster, more energy efficient, easier to keep clean and even safer than using gas or electric ranges.

With models offering up to 70 per cent better energy efficiency than traditional cooktops, the energy savings are worth considering. The heat is instant and effective because only the cookware is heated, so food is cooked consistently.

When the heated pot is removed, the cooking surface becomes cool within seconds, becoming almost instantly safe to touch.

How do induction cooktops work? Each cooking surface consists of electromagnetic copper induction coils underneath a ceramic plate. When an electric current runs through the induction coil, it creates a fluctuating magnetic field. When an iron pot is placed in contact with the cooking surface, that current is converted to heat inside the cookware, causing the pot to heat up but not the cooktop!

When considering a switch to induction cooking, it is important to note that it operates only with cast iron or stainless steel pots and pans. If a magnet will stick to your pot, it will work on your induction cooktop.

Induction ranges are available in a wide variety of power levels and sizes for both commercial and residential kitchens.

Look over induction cooktop appliances for yourself! Visit the Oakville Appliance Centre showroom at 476 Kerr Street to browse the selection of induction, electric and gas cooktops, and much more.

For more information about Oakville Appliance Centre, visit the store’s website or Facebook page, or call 905-845-2933 today!

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