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Industrial modern farmhouse right in Rochester – Post |

Industrial modern farmhouse right in Rochester – Post

Stepping into John and Shannon Range’s home from the front porch through the large dark cherry wood door, I immediately felt like I’d stepped into a spacious farmhouse in the country, although it’s in a neighborhood in Rochester.

With white shiplap walls in the entryway, along with a metal light fixture to offer an industrial feel, the home feels like a modern twist on a traditional farmhouse style. “Our inspiration was old farmhouses. The ‘homey’ feel appealed to us,” describes Shannon. “We wanted our new house to feel welcoming.”

A. Petrova B. Wootla

Mixing industrial and farmhouse details in the design

The Ranges designed and built their home in Rochester with the industrial farmhouse design in mind. “It started from the beginning with the design, and we stuck to it,” John explains. Aspects of the industrial farmhouse feel can be found throughout the house, from overarching design decisions like color choices to the finishing touches like fixture finishes and accessories. “Something about the shiplap with the mixed metals creates warmth and brings some of the old parts in with the new parts,” Shannon says.

A. Petrova B. Wootla

“Between the design, texture and color, it all came together,” says John, who is the owner of, and builder and designer for Range Homes. Shannon works part time at Range Homes and part time at Mayo Clinic.

The spacious open kitchen and living room area, with large windows along one wall, look out on a green meadow and trees. “With the setting and the view of the meadow, it sets off the old farmhouse country style,” says John. 

A. Petrova B. Wootla

The white kitchen and living room, with white walls, white trim and white cabinets, feel bright and spacious. The black drawer pulls and carefully planned wood tones balance the white throughout the room. The wide, deep cast iron farmhouse sink adds to the farmhouse feel. Looking around the kitchen, Shannon points out the backsplash. “The subway tile backsplash brings out the old vintage feel.” Fresh flowers on the counter add bright colors to the kitchen.

Light oak floors throughout the rooms create cohesion and flow from space to space. Wood beams across the ceiling in the living room balance the white walls and remind me of beams in an old farmhouse.

A. Petrova B. Wootla

A black iron chandelier light fixture with Edison light bulbs hangs above the long wooden farmhouse table, one of the design aspects giving an industrial feel to the bright kitchen space. “Light fixtures are huge; they should speak and decorate the house,” said Shannon.

“It’s the ‘jewelry’ that goes in the house, it’s the polish that goes on it. It’s the little things that matter,” John says of light fixtures. 

Unique details to the farmhouse design

A. Petrova B. Wootla

Another unique farmhouse design aspect includes hand-painted cement tiles in the mudroom. “This room set the tone,” explains Shannon, as she describes how they came up with the design. One wall is lined with gray cabinets, in order to keep clean and organized.

Upstairs, the playroom has angles in the ceiling in order to give the feel of second-story rooms in old farmhouses that often had slanted ceilings because of the roofs’ angles.

A. Petrova B. Wootla

In the master bedroom, white shiplap and brick on the fireplace, hardwood floors, and a white peaked ceiling with shiplap and wood beams all continue the farmhouse feel. A polished nickel chandelier brings in an industrial touch.  

A. Petrova B. Wootla

The master bathroom is a large bright white room with windows that bring in natural light. Polished nickel light fixtures and polished chrome faucets add industrial touches to the room. A stand-alone bathtub with simple lines sits against one wall, a modern take off the claw foot tubs of old. 

In the stairway, wrought iron railings and metal light fixtures with Edison bulbs combine the industrial look with the farmhouse feel, and balance the hardwood floors and light walls. 

In the basement, a bar with dark hardwood and vintage tile continue the vintage feel. A bathroom that Shannon describes as the “gentleman’s bathroom” has a cast iron wall-mounted sink and a brushed brass light fixture with Edison bulbs. Subway tile on the walls and black vintage hexagon tile on the floor add to the vintage feel.

A look at the farmhouse design outside the home

Outdoors, John points out some aspects of the home’s design that lend to the farmhouse feel: a wraparound porch, white shakes, shutters, and dormers all contribute to creating a vintage feel to the new home.

The three dormers in the front of the house lend the appearance of rooms, with lights hanging in each of them. “These give the house layers and depth … The lights in them make it look like rooms,” says John. 

The back porch off the kitchen has a dark cedar ceiling with a sunlight that brings in natural light, and dark wood flooring. A vintage metal ceiling fan brings in a touch of the old farmhouse feel. 

How to create the farmhouse feel

  • When it comes to creating a modern farmhouse, less is more. You’re trying to recreate a simpler time, so your design should reflect this.
  • Use white for walls, cabinets, and trim.
  • Add shiplap strategically on walls, islands, even above fireplaces.
  • Use Edison bulbs in fixtures.
  • Utilize contrasting dark metal light fixtures.
  • Draw inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and shows like “Fixer Upper.” Nothing beats going out and seeing homes for yourself, so take a little afternoon drive to search for some modern farmhouses.

Photography by AB-Photography

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