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Infuse new life into your home through colours |

Infuse new life into your home through colours

SHADES OF BEAUTY: Different shades of green and blue are the latest trends for homes this year. Neutrals such as stone and wild timber are never far away when seeking balance and harmony.

The world is in a state of tension, driven by economic pressures, job losses, violent crime and global environmental concerns. And the search to find balance, wellbeing and renewed inspiration in life and living is reflecting in this year’s colour palette, which I refer to as “equilibrium”.

Pantone, a world-renowned authority on colour, highlights the first core colour of the six in the equilibrium palette: emerald green. This jewel-like hue radiates visions of nature, growth, regeneration and renewal and is being seen from catwalks tocarpets.

Emerald green, along with other shades of green, is rejuvenating interiors with its luxurious and sophisticated character. From paint and accessories, to dinner ware and appliances, we are seeing this inspiring green pop up in the industry at large and pairing well with tan, black, yellow and blue.

The blue alliance introduces the second colour in the equilibrium palette, in the form of Monaco blue – a cobalt and sapphire-blue hybrid with a touch of sparkle. Blues drawn from the sea, the sky and nature’s flora invoke calm, stillness and introspection, bringing a sense of peace to a space.

From accent walls to bathroom ware, wallpaper to living room accessories, blue supports the eloquent greens in infusing the purity and simplicity of nature back into our homes.

Neutrals are never far away when seeking balance and harmony in the way of colour.

Hues drawn from stone, wild timber and leather create the subtle backdrop to an uncluttered space, grazed with hints of metallic – which we can see in the Ralph Lauren home and décor colour scheme for 2013, and Zara fashion line-up. These neutrals can then be punctuated by lemon zest and berry red colour-pops.

These final two colours in 2013’s equilibrium palette ignite inspiration and cheerful optimism and re-energise an interior space. The high energy of the yellow is best used in small doses to sprinkle around a room or can be applied in greater volume in a creamy version – stunning in spring andsummer as it is refreshing and revitalising.

The berry reds are fantastic for winter because they radiate warmth, comfort and safety. This colour ranges from deep maroons to shimmering purples and you will see them enveloping the designs of fashion designers Louis Vuitton and Nina Jarebrink.

Taking a walk through major local home and décor retailers, these major colours are evident in the ranges of bedroom accessories, throws and cushions, kitchen appliances, and bathroom linen.

In the uncertain times in which we live, it is inspiring to be a part of this world-collaborative journey to restore balance, harmony, optimism and a rejuvenation of spirit through colour.

  • Hayes is the editor of Sowetan’s sister magazine SA Home Owner

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