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Insider tips on how and when to get the best deals resale shopping |

Insider tips on how and when to get the best deals resale shopping

LITTLE ROCK, Ark, (KTHV) – Aisle after aisle, rack after rack — thrift shopping is not always an easy feat but the payoff can be huge. A 2018 report by thredUP shows that by switching to thrift shopping for a year, shoppers can save nearly $2,500 dollars. Photojournalist, Chris Ross and morning anchor, Amanda Jaeger, headed to three different resale shops in town to get the insider secrets to finding the trendiest items for the best prices.

Here are Plato’s Closet’s insider tips for finding the best deals from Store Manager Cody Jones.

  1. Sign up for text alerts and keep an eye out for their annual 90 percent off all clearance sale that happens nearly every season’s change.
  2. Put the employees to work for you to find your favorite brands and styles. They’ll search the store for your favorite items and hold them for you.
  3. Follow their Instagram for exclusive deals that hit Instagram before the store floor. You can even comment “hold” on pictures of items that you like and then pick it up at the store.

Goodwill’s insider tips to finding the best deals from Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Kerri Nettles:

  1. Shop on Sundays. They choose a tag color and any items with that tag only cost you $1 dollar.
  2. Look for the tag color of the week. Items with that tag color are half off all week.
  3. Shop right after New Year’s. The biggest donation time is between Christmas and New Year’s. Spring cleaning is also a big donation time. You’ll find tons of kitchen accessories, housewares, furniture and more. People will often donate items they got for Christmas but don’t want or need.

Live Thankfully’s insider tips on how to find the best deals from Executive Director Kimberly Cook:

  1. Like Plato’s Closet, you can follow their Instagram to see items first, place holds and pick them up in store.
  2. Bring in clothes to donate and instantly get a $5 credit toward your purchase. Also, like Goodwill, Live Thankfully is a nonprofit. That means you can get a tax receipt for donations.
  3. Shop on Saturday. They have flash sales on certain items saving you an additional 50% off.

There are also many places to shop resale online like thredUP, Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace. Here are some tips for navigating those sites:

  1. Make sure to sign up for email alerts from your favorite online resale companies to get notified of flash sales.
  2. Some sites will allow you to bargain a lower price on items. On Poshmark and Facebook Marketplace, you can ask the seller to sell for a lower price. Many sellers often price items higher because they expect people to make lower offers. Don’t be afraid to negotiate!
  3. Make sure to check multiple sites for the same item. With so many resale options out there, you could find a lower price on an item at a different website. Or, call a local resale shop first to see if they have the item you are interested in. If they have it, you’ll save on the shipping fee.
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