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Interior design tips from an interior designer |

Interior design tips from an interior designer

A bedroom is your escape from the stresses of the day. There is nothing like walking into your bedroom, falling on your bed and feeling like it’s all about you. It’s all about the bedding. I tell people to learn to love lots of pillows, because even if they are supposed to be strictly decorative, nothing beats an afternoon nap in all those pillows with the warm sun shining in through the window. If you stick with a neutral comforter or bedspread, pillows can be the best way to add color, texture, or pattern to your bedroom. The furniture in your bedroom doesn’t have to match – it simply has to work together. An upholstered headboard can add softness and luxury. Curved wood is big for 2018 and a nightstand or side table is a great way to embrace a trend like that. Try not to go too bright with wall color because you actually want to be able to sleep and some colors just aren’t conducive to sleep. Don’t be afraid to paint or wallpaper.

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