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Interior Designers from ASID Weigh In on 2018 Home Décor Trends |

Interior Designers from ASID Weigh In on 2018 Home Décor Trends

Midland Park, N.J., Dec. 4, 2017 – The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) asked interior designers from the New Jersey Chapter what they see as trends in interior design for the coming year. What follows are five trends they see prevailing in 2018:

Sunshine Colors Our World
Karen Wolf, Associate ASID, of Karen B. Wolf Interiors n South Orange, N.J., who has spoken on trends at the High Point Market, sees sunshine yellow as on-trend for 2018. “Positive, confident, vibrant, enthusiastic, this color represents the future and our incoming Gen Z consumers. A technologically savvy group, yellow is the missed sunshine they seek while plugged in and inside. We have not seen this color emerge for quite some time. It feels fresh, happy and young!” said Wolf.

Accessories Have It “Made”
Made is a recurring macro trend that is rooted in celebrating homegrown artisans and artistry from all over the world. A rebuff of modern technology, this trend embraces the tactile senses and the spirit of craftsmanship based on the local source it derives from. “From the Aztec-themed pillow craze of last year and this year’s love for Peruvian alpaca, the trend is timeless and will continue to find new forms powered by advances in technology and the human touch,” Wolf advised. “In 2018, look for Japanese/Persian folkloric themes and motifs … Also on the radar, Delftware. Spotted in Europe and making its way across the pond, the Dutch pottery is reinterpreted minimal Delft and also boasting Chinoiserie-inspired designs.”

Lighting Goes Linear
The long and lean linear chandelier has become the newest trend in lighting, according to Faith Hochman, Associate ASID, of FH Home Designs, Inc. in Mahwah, N.J. “Its length creates a wow factor over a kitchen island or dining table,” said Hochman. “Available with shades and/or multiple lights to create bright light or ambient lighting, its sleekness will instantly change and enhance the beauty of your rooms. Manufacturers have flooded the market with a great range of styles in every budget and style.”

What’s Hot in the Kitchen and Bath
“White and grey are still maintaining their hold on color trends but are being softened with bluer hues,” observed Sharon L. Sherman, ASID, of Thyme Place Design in Wyckoff, N.J. She says white and navy are staples of the design world. Navy is softer than black but still provides the dramatic contrast. Grey is being softened with taupe undertones, providing warmth to the color palette. Matte black and charcoal grey are starting to make appearances in appliances; stainless is still king, but these finishes are being seen more and more. Color on ranges – bright red, yellow and blue finishes – is also making color pop in the kitchen.

Spacing It Out
Though open-plan living has its detractors of late, it is here to stay in 2018 according to Ivee Fromkin, Allied ASID, of Monmouth Beach, N.J. “Jam-packed schedules and the prevalence of technology have made it more important than ever for today’s families to mingle and spend valuable time together,” she said. A casual space she designed recently blends cooking, dining and living. A large sectional sofa in the middle of two rooms creates a separation between the cooking and dining areas and the living space. The color scheme of soft gray and pure white trim and the gray wide plank flooring help unify the spaces. The turquoise provides a lively accent color. The focal point of both rooms is the fireplace and large flat screen mounted above.

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