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Iowa bacon eating champions share their salty secrets |

Iowa bacon eating champions share their salty secrets


There’s a lot more than bacon at the Olympic themed 2018 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.
Zach Boyden-Holmes/The Register

To win any competition, strategy is a must. That includes the individual bacon eating competition at the 2018 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

In Saturday’s event at the Iowa Events Center, some contestants poured water on their plate of bacon. Others decided to stand to let the pork strips “move through” them as a way to get ahead.

However, it was mostly a competition of chewing, drinking water and, in one case, spitting up a few bacon bits as eight contestants masticated their way through greasy bacon strips to win gold, silver or bronze cast iron skillets as a nod to the Olympics.

The competition was fierce this year as “bacon athletes” only had to eat a pound of bacon. In the past, competitors had to eat up to 5 pounds of bacon.

In their quest for gold-plated salt-flavored glory, these are the competitors who had people wanting to look away, but just couldn’t:

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