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Is your home ready for the festivities? |

Is your home ready for the festivities?

We all live in busy times with over-demanding jobs that constantly occupy our thoughts. Festivals come as reminders that other important things too need to be given their due attention. One of those things is our home and the people who dwell in it. Most of us know that the daily superficial dusting and cleaning is never enough; what about those hard-to-reach corners, behind the-shelf areas and cupboards brimming with materials that have been untouched for months? Before the last-minute helter-skelter ritual occurs, we say you give these ideas a quick read to thoroughly prep your home for the big days ahead.


A full blown cleaning is always the first step. Move your furniture to one side of the house to access every floor corner for sweeping. Remove your curtains and cushion covers and wash them. Arrange for a professional vacuuming of the sofa upholstery. Follow this modus operandi as you move to other areas of the house such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony.Scrub the windows, fans, light fixtures and appliances as well.


Take one good look at all your cupboards, shelves and racks and get rid of unwanted, redundant, expired and unusable things. For things that are of use, start grouping and organising them together. Start from the kitchen and pantry and move to your bedroom.


Once all the cleaning and organising is done, it’s time to give your space a fresh, new look. Think of painting the walls and re-polishing furniture to transform the look of each room. For a quick update, give your old bookshelf a new lease on life by painting it in a fresh colour.


Festival time also means shopping! Pepper your home with new bright accessories like decorative lights, a painting, candles or even table top items like a copper or a brass thali, a silver tea set and more.


Festivals are all about celebrating togetherness. While the ritual of sprucing up your home is important, it is also a good time to create an environment that is conducive for family cohesiveness. You could invest in a two-seater jhoola, a comfortable dining table with chairs, a home theatre system or just new board games, anything that would enable all the members to spend time together. What better than to create memories that will last you forever?

Ashutosh Maheshwari

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