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Janet McCormick: Easy blackberry pie celebrates final fruits of summer |

Janet McCormick: Easy blackberry pie celebrates final fruits of summer

Consider this a season-straddling dish using the last of the beautiful blackberries the season has to offer and the cast iron skillet for these individual servings of blackberry pie.

The change is coming at us fairly quick and already I see the produce aisles dotted and stacked with pumpkins. Even though I am discouragingly aware that the sparkle of Christmas decorations and trees are already out and begging for my attention, I’m not trying to see all that. Instead, I pass through the seasonal sections almost closing my eyes; I’m just not ready for summer to end and I’m definitely not prepared to skip a couple holidays in exchange for the Christmas season.

I somewhat compromised and picked up a few pumpkins that I’ll use when my recipes begin to reflect the fall colors and its bounty of produce. There is no denying its beauty – fall, that is. And it does mean I get to make a few more of my favorite soups and casseroles I’ve been anxiously ready to whip out the first day the weather gives me that wink.

For now, I’m smitten with these personal cast iron skillets where I’m fairly certain more than just a blackberry pie will make its home. This time of year, as life slows down, I have a chance to scheme on new ideas to fill these cute little iron vessels.

Right now, there are six individual pies baking in the oven and I’m marveling over this semi-fall scene of fruits, pumpkins, pie dough and fresh round baked bread. It’s time for a family gathering around the table. I have several baskets full of tomatoes, a couple quarts of strawberries and at least 10 bags of frozen blackberries that I’ll “put away” for the winter.

There are only a few greater feelings of being full that beats a fully stocked pantry with the seasonal harvest of vegetables. Being with my family and friends eating the surplus is one of them. The other is creating the dishes that grab their souls and drags them in salivating until their bellies are full.

This is just a simple pie recipe using fresh blackberries, butter and a little sugar. But I think everyone will agree, pies are tools that make everyone feel a little more loved than they do with ordinary usual plates of food. This is too simple to not do this week. Make your people smile this week. Make this.


1 quart blackberries

2 T. Butter melted

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 T. Lemon juice

2 prepared pie crusts

In a bowl combine the berries, butter, sugar and juice. Mix well. Line 6 small cast iron skillets with pie crust or one large skillet with the entire pie crust. Place in the mixture of blackberries, top with pie crust strips. Bake for 25 minutes in a 400 degree oven or until golden brown.

Janet McCormick is the owner of Let’s Eat Cafe in downtown Huntington. More of her recipes can be found at

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