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Jervis Library to host Recycling Day |

Jervis Library to host Recycling Day

Jervis Public Library will host its semi-annual Recycling Day Aug.16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the library parking lot.

Items that can be dropped off include: books and magazines; VHS and audio tapes, DVDs, CDs; electronics/computer equipment; televisions; rechargeable batteries;  compact fluorescent light and florescent light bulbs; sensitive and confidential documents to be shredded; rigid plastics; scrap metal; shoes; bottles and cans with deposit; socks, bras, pantyhose and tights; and chairs.

“This collaborative recycling event allows Rome-area residents the opportunity to reduce waste in a productive way, giving new life to items that they no longer need” Jervis Assistant Director Kari Tucker said. “In addition, residents pool their recyclables, conserving the gasoline and time it would take each resident to deliver books, electronics, and plastics individually.”

Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste officials noted that residents who wish to recycle bulky, rigid plastic items, computer equipment and televisions or hardcover books cannot do so via curbside pickup. These items left at the curb are delivered to the landfill.

Chairs will be collected for Rome Clean and Green for a fall project. Chairs should be in usable condition. No upholstered chairs will be accepted.

The library will also collect socks, pantyhose, tights and bras. Items should be laundered if not new. Pantyhose and tights are often made of nylon or spandex, which can take up to 40 years to decompose in a landfill. These will be shipped to a group for re-use. 

Socks will be used by an American textile manufacturer to make more socks. Bras will be given to a non-profit organization that distributes items in good condition to women escaping domestic violence and human trafficking. Others will be recycled with textiles.

According to the library, all types of books will be accepted. All will be evaluated as potential donations prior to being recycled. Residents are asked to limit themselves to what can be brought in one vehicle load.

According to Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste officials, there is no longer a market for recycled media due to the expense of disassembling and/or unpacking these items. To divert these from the landfill any items not of use to the library will be given to Rome Clean and Green to use in future recycled artwork programs. Residents can donate as many of these media items as they wish.

Acceptable materials for electronics recycling include: computers and monitors, printers, keyboards, mice, network equipment, circuit boards, cabling and wiring, televisions, typewriters, fax machines, video gaming systems and supplies, audio/visual equipment, telecommunications equipment and other electronics accessories. 

Depending upon age and condition, these items are either recycled on a materials basis (metals, plastics) or disassembled with parts harvested for reuse. Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery sanitizes or destroys all hard drives taken in.

Due to regulations regarding the disposal of electronics equipment for businesses, this event is intended for residential electronics recycling only.

Items that cannot be accepted for recycling include air conditioners, kitchen and personal appliances, and any items containing liquids.

Confidata advises that there is a limit of five bankers’ boxes on items to be shredded and that staples need not be removed. According to Confidata, acceptable paper items for onsite shredding include: old files, computer print-outs, typing paper, account ledger sheets, copier paper, memos, plain envelopes, index cards, manila folders, brochures, pamphlets, blueprints, post-it notes, unbound reports, calculator tapes and notebook paper. 

Some types of plastic media will also be accepted for shredding, but must be kept separate from the paper products. These materials include: microfilm, magnetic tape/media, floppy diskettes, and photographs. Items that cannot be shredded include: newspaper, corrugated paper, padded mailing envelopes, fluorescent colored paper, copier paper wrappings and papers lined with carbon.

Rigid plastic is an industry term that defines a category of recyclable plastic including hard or rigid plastic items as opposed to film or flexible plastic, officials from waste authority explain. Examples include plastic beverage crates, laundry baskets, plastic buckets, plastic drums, plastic toys, and plastic totes or garbage cans.

Volunteers will also be on hand to collect scrap metal. All money raised will go to support the Recycling Day efforts.

Through a partnership with the local Rescue Mission, shoes in good condition will be given to people in need. Others will be recycled with textiles rather than placed in the landfill. Sporting shoes such as cleats, ski/snowboarding boots and roller or ice skates are not acceptable.

Bottles and cans will be donated to a group providing volunteers for Recycling Day.

This event is held in cooperation with the Solid Waste Authority, Sunnking, Confidata, Ace Hardware, Rome Clean and Green and the City of Rome. For more information, call (315) 336-4570 or stop by the library’s information desk.

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