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Joseph Joseph takes on bathrooms |

Joseph Joseph takes on bathrooms

Our two favourite brothers are expanding their horizons. They are evolving from the well-known (and appreciated) kitchen tools, organizers and accessories into bathrooms. And, as always, they have a twist on traditional designs.

The most innovative products in the line are the Flex toilet brushes. We all own the traditional toilet brush, tucked in behind the toilet, ready for action with that round brush and stiff bristles. We scrub then give it a quick shake and rinse, and tuck it back into the holder to drip dry. The brothers Joseph Joseph took the traditional design and improved it four ways.

First, the brush is oval and flexible. Second, it drips less. Third, the bristles don’t clog up. Fourth, it is very durable. When you first pull it out of the holder, it looks more like something you would use to scrub your back. Once you use it on the toilet, all the innovative features speak for themselves. You may find yourself fighting to be the one to clean the bathroom.

Now from the toilet to the garbage can. I can hear you asking: “How can a garbage can be revolutionary?” Well, in an age of recycling, how many of us have room for two waste cans in the bathroom? Not in my house, and we need to be sure ours are covered as one critter likes to browse through the contents. Yuck. As part of the Intelligent Waste product line — we wrote about this in April 2017 — the Bathroom Waste Separation Bin has two compartments: one for garbage and the other for recyclables, such as paper products. The lid has two holes, one small and one larger, so it is easy to identify the purpose. The lid sits inside the garbage can and is impossible to ‘nose off’ if you have a curious dog.

The line also includes sink organization with three choices in EasyStore caddies. There are two for dental organization; the small or large caddy is perfect for toothbrushes, even those with larger handles, paste and floss. The Bathroom Caddy is larger and can hold hairbrushes, makeup accessories or other personal use products. Both have centres that lift out for cleaning. And the toothbrush caddies are ventilated so the water drips can evaporate.

No bathroom is completely organized without soap storage. If you use a bar soap, the Joseph Joseph dish has a unique sloping design to save space and drain water off wet soap. It snaps apart for cleaning and takes up a very small space next to the sink. If liquid soap is your choice of lather, the slim soap pump is so easy to fill and use. Just pop out the pump head, fill the container and there is a window so you can see when you reach the top, and replace the pump. It’s an easy-to-use pump with a big pusher and non-slip feet so it won’t skitter across the counter as you pump.

The collection is available in white with soft spa blue accents. It is subtle in decor. We like the way it works with the colours of our towels and shower curtains. We really like the way every piece functions.

Yes, the brothers have done it again. Thank you, Joseph Joseph.

Did you know? Liquid soap was invented in 1865 when William Shepherd patented it. His company, B.J. Johnson Soap Company, finally introduced Palmolive in 1898, a liquid soap made from palm and olive oils.

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