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KAMEOKA CORNER: Annual sukiyaki dinner |

KAMEOKA CORNER: Annual sukiyaki dinner

A little over a week ago the Stillwater Sister Cities Council hosted their 10th annual sukiyaki dinner at the home of Steve and Becky Irby and again had a nice evening of food and fellowship.

Several members of the council arrived at mid-afternoon to serve as “choppers” as we cut up the Napa cabbage, Shitake mushrooms, leeks and onions. The first ingredients into cast iron skillets was very thinly sliced beef and sugar. The sugar draws oil from the beef, so no cooking oil is needed.

My wife Kayo was again the “Master Chef” but was very ably assisted by Sister Cities Council members Quynh Wall and Linda Ely. We were very pleased that Stillwater’s new mayor, Will Joyce, joined us for dinner. He remembered Kayo who worked in Food Services at Will Rogers when he was in elementary school. I told him I had his older brother in several classes at OSU, but when he asked what I taught, he said “that was not my brother you had in class, it was my dad.” The years have flown by faster than I realized!

We were also very pleased that Dr. Randy Kluver, Dean of Global Studies and Partnerships at OSU and his wife Pam joined us. Dr. Kluver is going to Japan next month and we hope he’s able to visit Kameoka during his time there. We were also happy that Drs. David and Shida Henneberry, longtime supporters of our sister cities activities joined us again. Both of their sons, Michael and J.D. were selected to go to Kameoka as members of student and teacher delegations when they were students at Stillwater Middle School and they were great representatives of their school and of Stillwater. J.D also served as the student representative on the Sister Cities Council for a few years and did a great job.

One of the goals of international relationships, whether it be sister cities, sister schools, sister states, sister organizations or other kinds of relationships is to build bridges of friendship between individuals, cities, states or other parings. On a small scale we built some bridges of friendships for people from different countries at our dinner as the countries of Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Iran and Iraq were represented and some new friendships were formed and others strengthened. It was a very nice evening and the Sister Cities Council thanks Steve and Becky for hosting the dinner again.

Larry Jones is a member of the Stillwater Sister Cities Council.

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