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Kinnikuman and Terryman Team up for "Friendship Rice" |

Kinnikuman and Terryman Team up for "Friendship Rice"

Manga duo Yudetamago has brought Kinnikuman and his friend Terryman to life for a special promotion: “Friendship Rice,” a blend of two types of rice, now available to buy via mail order.



The product is a blend of two strains of rice: Akitakomachi, which is farmed in Akita Prefecture, and Hitomebore from Iwate Prefecture. The blend was originally created to promote agriculture in Tohoku, and was served only at specific locations.


In celebration of its wider availability, there are also a variety of tie-in products available. Lacquered rice bowls with Kinnikuman’s kanji and other imagery hand-painted on them can be bought, as well as matching chopsticks.



In addition, T-shirts and hand towels are available featuring Yudetamago’s art for the collaboration:



The rice, dinnerware, and other accessories can be ordered from


Source: Comic Natalie




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