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Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry |

Kitchen & Butler’s Pantry

Tori Webbe-Hunt of Tori Design says she tried to play up the existing kitchen and butler’s pantry with accessories, flowers, furniture and artwork. The result? Warm and inviting with modern touches.

“The flowers and the wood accessories would have to be one of my favorites,” she says of her additions to the rooms. “It just goes to show that bringing current accessories, rugs and furniture into a dated room can bring it back to a current look. It also goes to show that hiring a design professional can help you make your dream home a reality.”

Mimicking the wood cabinetry, wood accents in a similar tone can be seen in added cutting boards, centerpieces and a tabletop cookbook holder. At the end of the room, a cozy seating area for two creates the perfect place for breakfast.

“I didn’t really have any problems, except I had to change my table to a smaller round and only two dining chairs in the breakfast room,” Webbe-Hunt says of her few design challenges. What the seating area loses in size, it makes up for in comfort, with slipcovered chairs in a fun pattern complete with pillows.

Tori Design, 314-662-4050

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