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Kitchen Gadget: Grill brush |

Kitchen Gadget: Grill brush

NEW GRILLING SEASON, CLEAN GRILL: The scattered, teasing warm days of spring are coming more frequently, so folks who don’t grill year-round will be pulling the grill back out of storage and getting it prepped.

While you’re at it, grab a new grill brush. They come in many configurations and materials, from wire bristles to nylon bristles and fibers, but they’re all designed to do one thing: un-gunk your grill grates.

The one pictured is by Qually United, and it’s designed to scrub away with stainless-steel coils, not bristles that can be knocked loose. The three brush heads rotate 360 degrees, and a long handle keeps you well away from the grill’s heat.

You’ll find tools like this anywhere that sells grills and grilling accessories. Pick a version that fits your budget (this particular brand runs about $20) and get scrubbing.

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