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kitchen L by XU studio is a flexible shanghai restaurant decorated with copper kitchenware |

kitchen L by XU studio is a flexible shanghai restaurant decorated with copper kitchenware

located in kaixuan road, xuhui district, shanghai, china, the ‘kitchen L’ restaurant designed by xu studio is a flexible social space for young people. having a staircase area covered with a glass box as a centerpiece, the restaurant is decorated with hung copper pans and pots.

all photos courtesy of peter zhang



xu studio’s project aims at creating different scene modes to switch space capacity rapidly — after several tries and repeated scrutiny, the designer decided to use the square-tube-made suspension system, which goes through the first floor for a layout of barriers, display shelves, and display screens. due to its property of being translucent but not perspective, the vertically ribbed glass is selected as the barrier and hanging on the suspended track prepared in advance. different combination switches enable the space to be either divided into 4 separate kitchens or integrated into 2 large sections. one whole kitchen space is also available if all barriers are removed.

the entrance of kitchen L



the vertical staircase connects the two floors and is wrapped into a luminous glass box with a height of 5 meters. an art installation composed of copper cookware brightly glows in the light.

the vertical staircase connects the two floors



the atmosphere on the second floor is more relaxing: folded dark mirrors cover the entire space, and unreal images generate in the extended reflecting area. the long bar along the street is composed of seven screens, each with a size of 55 inches, showing the new media artworks, and thus an atmosphere of night bar is created under the dark light.



focused on simple materials and laying emphasis on experiences instead of decorations, xu studio achieves scene switching through lighting control and creates flexible and changeable spaces, as well as leaving the space with changing possibilities in the future.

the staircase is wrapped by a luminous box with a height of 5 meters



a luminous box




view from the street


axis analysis


plan of kitchen L



project info:


design company: xu studio

project location: shanghai, china

project date: 2018. 04

project area: 324 sqm

design team: xu shijin, xu yijun, luo chengyu, ding ling, jane jiang, he zhiwei, jiang yusang

lighting consultanting and construction: su jiaxing

main materials: vertically ribbed glass, stainless steel, glass, dark mirror

photography: peter zhang



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