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KitchenAid well and truly mixes up its customer service |

KitchenAid well and truly mixes up its customer service

I have a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer, purchased in December 2011 and which came with a five-year warranty. In January 2016 it was repaired under warranty when the speed control lever no longer functioned properly, but a year later it developed the same fault.

KitchenAid advised that it could be repaired for £70 plus parts. At the end of March, after weeks of unanswered emails, I got through to KitchenAid on the phone and was told the repair would be carried out free of charge. I made sure the person on the phone understood that the warranty had expired, but she reassured me that this repair would be free.

In April, however, KitchenAid phoned to say the repair would cost £134.99. I pointed out that it had reneged on its promise. Several phone calls later, KitchenAid is still maintaining that its operative made a mistake and that I should not have been promised a free repair.

I have been given the option to pay the £134.99 for a repair with a 12-month guarantee, or have the machine returned unrepaired. It claims to have no access to the records of the previous repairs, and my requests to speak to a senior manager have been refused. RC, Ludgvan, Penzance

You released the mixer on the basis it would be repaired at no cost, with the full understanding that this machine was no longer under warranty. Clearly, there has been some subcontracting of customer services, leading to crossed wires and misleading information being handed out.

KitchenAid is owned by the electricals giant Whirlpool, which sent us a perfunctory statement confirming the issue had been resolved, but with no detail whatsoever about what had gone wrong. It said: “We work hard to resolve all customer cases as quickly as we can. Our customer services team has contacted RC and we can confirm the issue is now resolved.”

In fact, we have subsequently heard from you that the mixer has been delivered back, repaired, and is apparently working OK. You have made a £15 donation to our membership services to express your thanks. Thank you!

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