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KitchenAid’s New Stand Mixer Attachment Will Help You Bake Perfect Cookies Every Single Time |

KitchenAid’s New Stand Mixer Attachment Will Help You Bake Perfect Cookies Every Single Time

You know that line in recipes that asks you to sift the dry ingredients? And you know how you usually breeze past said line in recipes? Then you know how you always question why your cookies come out so dense? Yah, it was that whole breezing past the line in the recipe that asked you to sift the dry ingredients that did that. Sifting aerates flour, therefore creating fluffy cookies. And if you love fluffy cookies, you need KitchenAid’s newest stand mixer attachment. If you don’t love fluffy cookies, lose my number.

The Sifter + Scale attachment sifts, weighs, and gradually adds up to four cups of dry ingredients to your bowl in one fell swoop. It plugs right into the hub, as all of KitchenAid’s stand mixer attachments do, and is powered by the mixer. That whole weighing part is just as important as the sifting. Hardcore bakers know that treats come out much better when you measure your ingredients by weight rather than volume. This attachment does just that—and after they’re sifted for optimal accuracy. Another pro: The scale is digital and can be used separately as a regular countertop scale. Everything but the scale itself and the sifter is dishwasher-friendly.

The gadget’s not exactly cheap (KitchenAid sells it for $100; on Amazon, it’s $130), but, again, it holds the promise of fluffy, perfect cookies—every single time. Early reviewers of the Sifter + Scale attachment already agree it’s a necessity: “I bake a lot of bread and when I first came across this item I thought, wow, this would be great because it is going to eliminate one bowl from the process,” wrote one buyer. Another added, “I bake all the time and sifting dry ingredients is something I loathe doing. It’s time-consuming and messy. I’ve tried a gazillion types of sifters and wasn’t satisfied with any of them. I’ve used [this] attachment every chance I get, which is often.”

Need a smidge more convincing? I’ll leave you with this: “The product is just what I needed in my kitchen! I bake a lot and sometimes even though I used to measure my ingredients, the recipes used to be a bit off. But not anymore!”

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