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Le Creuset has launched a millennial pink cookware set | Daily Mail … |

Le Creuset has launched a millennial pink cookware set | Daily Mail …

  • The iconic French cookware brand has given itself a 2017 makeover
  • Classic dishes like the Dutch oven have been produced in millennial pink 
  • The update has caught the attention of a new generation of fans  

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The premium French cookware brand Le Creuset, which has been selling pricey pots and pans since 1925 in colours including its classic orange, has now unveiled a range in a very of-the-moment shade of pink. 

The move appears to have brought the brand to the attention of a new generation of home cooks, with the latest addition to the  have sent fans into meltdown on social media.   

One potential customer said the new collection of three pots in ‘ombre berry’ – which will set shoppers back almost £900 –  ‘has me drooling’.  

Premium French cookware brand Le Creuset have released a limited edition berry collection which is set in an ombre pink shade 

Fans keen on the milennial pink shade are thrilled with some even claiming they are ‘drooling’ over the pots

‘Le Creuset do pink kitchen accessories my life has been made,’ said another.

A third fan joked: ‘Anyone want to get married [to me] so I can get the new millennial pink Le Creuset set?’

Others feel that the set is just simply calling to them: ‘I want all the pink Le Crueset cookware.’

‘Wow Le Creuset has this beautiful pastel pink set. I deserve,’ gushed another. 

The limited edition berry collection comes is made up of three different pots; a 2.4 litre pot priced at £190; 3.3 litre at £215; and the largest at 4.4 litre for £240 – in total the set costs £885. 

Le Creuset have already released a matte pink version of their popular Dutch ovens, the complete collection comes in at nearly £900

Le Creuset said the inspiration for the  new colour was drawn from ‘shades of blush pink found in garden flowers and lush summer and winter berries’.

The brand has been targeting a younger audience recently – especially with the inclusion of its Beauty and the Beast themed pots which they released earlier this year in conjunction with the movie.

The popular collection is currently out of stock.  


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