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Lending Closet offers household help |

Lending Closet offers household help

For new Families arriving to Fort Hood and those who are about to PCS, having no household goods can be a stressful situation. Fortunately, the Relocation Readiness Program Office, part of Army Community Service, can help. 

“Our Lending Closet basically provides a service for incoming and outgoing Soldiers where they are able to borrow items from us for a period of 30 days. It’s basically until their household goods arrive,” said Tomya Hearon, ACS outreach program coordinator.

The Lending Closet offers basic household items to Soldiers and Families, including dinnerware and small appliances like microwaves and coffeemakers. The Lending Closet does not offer large furniture items, but does have folding tables and chairs, folding mats and playpens.

“What we try and do is stock basic household items,” Hearon said. “Just something to get them through until their household goods get here. So they’ll get microwaves, coffeemakers and toasters. And then of course we do have plates and things like that.”

“We try and issue (these) things based off Family size, that way with the installation this large, we’re able to have enough supplies to assist other Soldiers who are either coming in or leaving Fort Hood,” she added.

Soldiers or Family members are able to go to the Lending Closet as long as they have their Department of Defense ID card and a copy of the service member’s orders. And for those that are needing an extension on borrowed items, Hearon said extensions are available and “can be anywhere from 15 days to 30 days, depending on where exactly the Family is coming from.”

Soldiers and Families are able to pick out anything they need from the Lending Closet, Hearon said.

“They go into the Lending Closet with the staff member, they basically pull the items that they want. We have them place them on carts, so we do a good visual inspection to make sure nothing is damaged or dirty and then once we clear them, check everything out, we sign them for it, we give them a cart or a crate or a bag – whatever they need to carry it – and they’re on their way.”

Hearon also mentioned that the Lending Closet is available for Soldiers and Families whose homes have caught fire or flooded.

She said how helpful the Lending Closet can be for Soldiers and Families who have moved to Fort Hood from Europe, too.

“Sometimes you have quarters that flood, fires whether they be on post or off post, and then you have Soldiers coming from Europe where the transportation office provides actual furnishings for their quarters so they never had any to purchase. We’re kind of trying to reduce the financial hardship on Soldiers and Families having to buy all these types of items.”

The Lending Closet is located at the Rivers Building (Bldg. 121, 761st Tank Battalion Avenue) and is open to Soldiers, Family members, active duty reservists and National Guard Soldiers on duty status.

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