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Lenovo adds new projector and Qi charging pad options to its ThinkPad Stack … |

Lenovo adds new projector and Qi charging pad options to its ThinkPad Stack …

I believe Sammy is following the standard, just like they are with there new “Adaptive Fast Chargers”, which is really just Quick Charge 2.0, even with the phones that trade Qualcomm chips for Exynos ones, like my Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge.

I have bought a 3rd party ‘Quick’ Qi charging pad off of Amazon for half the price of the Samsung official one and it has been working perfectly for quick charging. All the ‘Quick’ Qi pad requires is a Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 compatible wall plug. There are now a decent number (under 5 good ones) of 3rd party ‘Quick’ Qi 1 and 3 coil charging pads out there, but still no ‘Quick’ Qi car mounts or ‘Quick’ Qi enabled battery packs/power banks.

Also I am not sure the exactly the engineering and licensing requirements to get both ‘Quick’ Qi charging to the Lenovo Stack’s Qi pad ($49), or Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 onto the Lenovo Stack 10,000mah battery pack ($79), but for those prices they need to include such things or I will get something that will from Amazon, and for much cheaper as well. Albiet it won’t stack, but speed is far and gone the absolute most important thing for me.

I’m sure even some of Lenovo’s own phones support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 so its a shame that Lenovo can’t seem to support it on their own powerbank, especially a ‘premium’ one that is aimed at business customers and marketed under the prestigious ThinkPad brand. Plus I’m pretty sure we should get like at least 13000mah or so, maybe even up to 1500mah for $79. Those power banks will only even actually hold 75-80% of their capacity consistently anyway, so I think larger power banks are typically needed, especially with all the different products that Lenovo Stack system can operate on that battery power if it is disconnected, or can’t be connected to a wall.

This Lenovo Stack stuff is a GREAT idea. I just wish Lenovo would execute on it!

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