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Libbey Targets Market Trends With Purpose-Driven Innovation |

Libbey Targets Market Trends With Purpose-Driven Innovation

“We’re taking foodservice product development to the next level by targeting our new offerings to specific trends and pain points our customers face,” said William A. Foley, Libbey chairman and chief executive officer. “Well-researched and strategic new products like these are a core tenant of our strategy to respond to a tough and ever-changing foodservice environment. We’re using all the tools at our disposal, including previous capital investments, to create momentum and meet market opportunities head on.”

Exclusive New Dinnerware Delivers High Performance and Brighter White Color  
Constellation™ is the first-ever porcelain dinnerware with built-in Microban®* technology, exclusively available from Libbey. Microban technology provides 24/7 product protection and helps dining establishments confidently ensure a fresher dining experience while proactively defending against improper cleaning and handling**. Microban protects the dinnerware against the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria that can pose risks to foodservice cleanliness. Microban technology is integrated into Constellation’s fully vitrified glaze for an additional layer of defense that will not wash or scratch off. This advanced silver-based technology creates an inhospitable environment for microbes, to protect the plate by preventing microbes from growing and reproducing on the surface of the plate.

New to Libbey’s Syracuse® China collection, Constellation dinnerware answers customer demand for brighter white dinnerware with a new color called Lunar White™.  

Libbey also is introducing other new dinnerware products featuring market-inspired organic shapes, on-trend colors and mix-and-match patterns.

Capital Investments Continue to Pay Off as Libbey Extends Master’s Reserve 
Libbey is continuing to maximize the impact of 2013 investments in ClearFire® glass technology at its Shreveport, La., plant by expanding the overall Master’s Reserve® collection to address primary beverage industry growth drivers, which include bourbon and premium cocktails.

In 2016 alone, sales of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye whiskey were up 8 percent to $3.1 billion. And, while bourbon is one of the fastest growing domestic spirits in the United States, the dominant glass for serving bourbon is imported. Libbey has responded to this market opportunity by partnering with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® to create the ideal bourbon glass. As America’s Glassmaker™, Libbey is providing the perfect, uniquely American glassware for “America’s Native Spirit.”

Premium Teaware Meets Growing Millennial Demand  
Tea is one of the most popular and fastest growing beverages among Millennials – 87 percent drink tea on a regular basis. Libbey has partnered with VIVA® Scandinavia on tea service products that deliver the high-end experience Millennials expect from a handcrafted cocktail or craft coffee. Designed in Denmark and handcrafted by skilled artisans, the VIVA Scandinavia collection includes tea pots, cups, saucers and infusers.

“The new products launching at NRA represent some of the most innovative in Libbey history,” said Foley. “The collective impact of our recent investments in innovative, groundbreaking glassmaking technology and strategic alliances with the likes of Microban, Kentucky Bourbon Trail and VIVA Scandinavia show that we aren’t letting up anytime soon. Expect Libbey to keep serving up our experience with innovative products for years to come.”

About Libbey Inc. 
Based in Toledo, Ohio, Libbey Inc. is one of the largest glass tableware manufacturers in the world. Libbey Inc. operates manufacturing plants in the United States, Mexico, China, Portugal and the Netherlands. In existence since 1818, the company supplies tabletop products to retail, foodservice and B2B customers in over 100 countries. Libbey’s global brand portfolio, in addition to its namesake brand, includes Crisa®, Royal Leerdam®, Syracuse® China and World® Tableware International. In 2016, Libbey Inc.’s net sales totaled $793.4 million. Additional information is available at

*Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban® Products Company. The contents of this document and other Libbey Foodservice marketing materials represent the official, sanctioned messaging for Libbey’s Constellation™ dinnerware featuring Microban® technology. Libbey cannot verify or stand by the accuracy of any other statements developed by other sources.

KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL® is a trademark/service mark of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. Please drink responsibly.


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