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Linen store offers more than the basics |

Linen store offers more than the basics

After being a merchandise manager and owning several linen stores across Texas, Linens-N-More owner Jim Richardson decided to move his business to Fredericksburg.

“I really don’t know why I decided to come here,” Richardson said. “I visited during the winter one weekend and it was cold and no one was around and I saw a ‘For Rent’ sign, so I just moved here.”

Today, Linens-N-More, an independent linen store, specializes in sheets, quilts, duvet covers, table cloths, placemats and more.

“It’s very unique to have an independent linen store in America and especially in a small town,” he said.

Richardson said that many times, linen stores focus on bedding or on kitchen accessories. What makes Linens-N-More different, is that he is doing all of that and more.

“Working previously as a merchandising manager, I have connections with buyers that are going to get me some of everything,” he said.

Richardson said they compare to a department store in that they have personalized connections with buyers and can always purchase what the customer is looking for.



One specialty area is sheets. Linens-N-More offers a variety of different kinds of sheets for every style and budget.

Styles include percale, a high-quality woven cotton that is light and crisp; bamboo and cotton, which are softer; and sateen, which are smoother and heavier and similar to silk, and are perfect for those who are cold when they sleep.

“All sheets have different personalities,” Richardson said.

The store also sells sheets in most sizes, including California King and split King.

“We have listened to our customers and we carry what they like, sometimes things they can’t find at a department store,” Richardson said.



Linens-N-More also sells over 1,000 different styles of quilts. The store sells “wedding ring-style,” to “log cabin,” to more traditional offerings.

“Customers always want something different, like a layered look or Farmhouse, but that isn’t all of what we have,” Richardson said. “We are kind of turn-key for the bedroom or bathroom.”


Your Bed Pillow

In addition to owning the linen store, Richardson began selling pillows through a year ago.

Richardson has an extensive knowledge of pillows and prides himself in fitting customers to the best pillow for their sleeping style.

“You just have to find the right one and once you do, it can make a difference,” Richardson said. “It frustrates me when companies sell pillows based on your T-shirt size, because I know over 50 percent of those people won’t be happy.”

Richardson sees the pillow business expanding in the years to come because of its popularity.

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